Monday, August 3, 2020

Flowers again. And clouds too!

Who knew that retiring could keep someone so busy?
So I'm writing on Monday. You don't object do you?
From 7/28/20:
 Almost ready little pineapple.

Caterpillar. I really do not see these very often, so it was a treat.
 This reminds me of an old ballroom dance dress.

Orchid? Lily? Oy vey. What I don't know would fill many books.
 Below, pretty sure it's an orchid.

Pinkish and tangerine-ish.
 These flowers are so cool...and busy.

Rainbow and bird.
 I was tempted to buy a stripey orchid like this one this week. But didn't. I wonder if they will bend down if they start out going up?
 Trinity bougainvillea...
Those "weeds" again. With a big carpenter bee. I have heard they don't sting, but do not want to find out.
 Cactus flowers

Cheetos flower...well, pollen on the inside. 



 Creamy white

Pretty stripes
 This yard of dogs was one barked until the very end. Then another dog started it.
 Yellow and white

I can't get enough of these scarlet cactus flowers! 

 Just looking for a friend.

This nice flower was in the grass. Underfoot and easy to trod upon. Glad I didn't.
 Lemons in jail. I may have erroneously previous reported these as limes. Well, in my defense, they were green at the time!
 Mexican Poppy

 Mushrooms in a construction jail.

Still don't know. I really must look these up.
 Scarlet. See how busy these are? In addition to being wonderfully colored.
 Delicate purple
 More Cheetos evidence..
 There was a bee with its entire body in one of these.

Pink with the flower 

 Scarlet again.

 Orchids. These last quite a long time.

Mushrooms through the fence.
 Smiling, right?
 I liked this tree and the dark clouds behind it.
 Nice shade of orange.
 Yellow flowers in jail.
 If I looked them all up, my 2 hour walks would probably be 4 hours!
People get really creative with their succulents. 
 This was on a car. I couldn't resist taking the picture.

Arizona Memorial from the overpass.
 A goofy dog near the bridge over pebbled water.
 Cool trunk, eh?

Cactus roses 

Creamy white 

Another cactus flower 
 Free weeds. Pick your own. hahahaha
 For my sweetheart, the lizard showing its colors!
 Octopus tree. They are tall, so I'm looking for the chance to get closer to the pink strips.
 You gotta wait for them, but pretty once they arrive.

 There's a whole orchard of these plumeria trees. Behind a fence and no trespassing sign.

 More succulent gardens


The only bunnies I have seen on my walks so far.
And the only ducks
 These are like the red bristles on a different tree.
 Hibiscus innards.

The rarely still flowers 
 Cactus roses behind bars. The only bars I've been near lately!
 Clouds and light

 More of the purple weeds
 Sometimes you're walking and you get arrested to take a photo...These were stuck in the wall.
 God's rays
 Hopeful blooms

Is that pollen on the bottom?
 Purple with berries
 Mini roses 

I still don't know what these are. 
Two Saffron Finches. Willingly going into prison! 
 Every now and then, you peek into a bromeliad, and there's a cool flower inside. With water!
 Cactus choir

A ring of weeds. I haven't see this many in a circle.
 Saffron Finches conversating. I watch Lonestar Law and they use "recreating", so I thought I'd give conversating a try.
 Creamy white.

 Back to cool clouds.
 If you look closely, there are several levels: the one with 3 buds, then 5 then the colors. Strange, eh?
 They were in prison.

And this is the fruit: green then red, inside the protective spiky branches.

 Correct! Businesses may be but LOVE isn't!

Puffballs without the pink part.

Someone had quite a party. Shame! And there were 3 more bottles on the grass that wouldn't fit in the photo!

 Another lizard. This was a small one and it waited until I took the photo. Wasn't that nice? And surprising, too.
 How do you get different colored flowers on the same tree?
 I'm thinking these weeds could strangle other plants. I could easily be wrong.

Light, white and yellow and green. Ah.
Gee is this post getting too long? There's just so much beauty out there!

Looks like a bird with pointy beak or a feather.

Oh so not as pretty as the marine kind.
 Lovely, colorful tree.
 Haven't seen these before. Orchid I think and tiny.

 Noni. I'm told it has healing properties and that it tastes bad. Sold as a juice. Didn't know they also had pretty flowers.

 Orchids with the sun as a backdrop. Couldn't get a front on view, as they were up high.

 Pink lovely roses
 Peachy plumeria

 This rainbow was so bright!
 It was a double, too.

 The end of a flower.
 Tomates! Sorry my French escaped for a minute.

Cactus flower in bud.
 More bromeliad flowers

 Isn't this a busy cactus?!

More from the busy cactus.
 Someone put a castle on a cliff in their yard.

This one was my wallpaper for a few days.

 This rose had the most exquisite smell! In addition to pretty color.

Koi in a pond in someone's yard. Sadly, they had to have a fence in front, to avoid burglary, no doubt.
 Lily maybe
 Lotus maybe. Life can be so uncertain....

Marigolds, daisies and wandering Jew.
 Another try at the octopus tree.

 squash perhaps
 Continuing in yellow, the hibiscus and then a daisy to round everything out!

Long-winded, but I think I captured lots of pretty. Have a great week.

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