Sunday, August 9, 2020

Water is so important

Well, you know this. But when they are planning to turn off the water in the entire building for 3 hours, it becomes even more important. But the real water in today's post is about water drops on the flowers. We shall see.
 I'm still enamored of these Saffron Finch...if only they'd stay still longer.
 God's rays and clouds
 Crown flowers

HA. There are 5 dogs. Mostly they keep quiet and try to make friends. But there's one yappy one that spoils the whole thing. There's always a yappy one!
 I think this dog would lick you to death before biting you.
 Proof of Kolea!

Purple weed

Still a mystery 
 I think orange Hibiscus are my fave.

I do not know what type of dog these are, but they are big and mostly quiet.
When I see blue, especially with a bee, I take the picture.
 Bowtie pasta flowers. There's a chance it's not their real name.

 I don't know if the shell was still inside, but I thought the image was interesting.

 Creamy white

When we thought we were getting a hurricane, I looked for candles. Birthday candles will do in a pinch. (And yes, we have 2 much bigger ones now.)
 Find the lizard.

God's rays
 Somehow white is just more creamy and delicate-looking!

More new flowers

Someone put sunflowers on this cactus. Good sense of humor
 My hair after a walk in the Tilley hat!

Nice light purple plant on a tree.
 More delicate white

Maybe an older aubergine?

Another mystery flower. Blue this time.
 I actually saw this bunny in jail! It hopped around, perhaps trying to figure out why I was there.

And no, the bunny was nowhere near the cat. Bad cat! Get off the table!
 Egg flowers. At least that's what I think about when I see them.
 These are the type of flowers that started my interest.
 God's rays

 Yellow Hibiscus

 Yellow something else..
 One of the masks I sewed and the Tilley hat.

This is the plant I need to name..

 Rainbow from our kitchen door

 Red and white berries on the same plant.

This rose smelled amazing! Now if I can only find that garden again.....
 Share the road with a rainbow!

 Cactus taller than me!

 Clouds and moon
 Creamy white
 Driftwood sculpture


Lemons = money!
 I'm told that if you have lotus flowers in water, you need fish. Otherwise you'll get mosquitoes.

 Mexican poppy

Another great smelling rose

 Don't know but do like:
 Orchids and puppy
 Pineapple and violets. Almost ready.

I had just gotten my camera up to take its photo, and it flew up to the fence from the ground.
 Possibly my fave scarlet flowers.
 Trees and moon

Mask, French ballcap and Dino t-shirt. He's ready!
 Bird of Paradise
 A cross in someone's yard
 Daisies in Jail
 Mask and He'e t-shirt. Unfortunately, that is the closest I'm getting to them these days.
 Orange Hibiscus

Water water everywhere.

 An unexpected horse.

 And unexpected fruit. They have the shape of pears, but I'd be surprised.

It took 4 tries to get this shot, because the breeze was moving it about.
 Nice smelling rose with drops.
 UNK fruit

 Awww, cute birdhouse.

My Texas postcard.
 Bud w drops
 That scarlet plant again
 A new kind of hibiscus?

 These white flowers don't last long, but they are very pretty. Especially with drops.

If you look closely, these have drops too.

 Ladybug crossing. HA

Here's your lizard, babe! And added bonus: the frog.

 Pick and eat! Grab and move!
 Pineapple almost ready.
 The plant that these flowers come from was cut by a lawnmower at the park a few weeks ago. Nice to see it's growing back.

The beauty is worth the rain

 HA. Slow but steady, no doubt.

Santa with a snorkel.

The cover of the Bible study I'm currently doing. It's a tear jar. One  collected one's tears.

These are all the flowers, clouds and animals from this week. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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