Monday, July 27, 2020

bye bye Douglas!

Dodged a bullet: Hurricane Douglas turned north and mostly missed us! So glad!  Answered prayer.

 Pineapple almost ready!

 Bougainvillea and hibiscus
 Pretty cornflower blue

Looks like a tired ballroom dress

Flowers near the entrance to our complex  

So many flowers in jail

These are fleshy mysteries. They have an obnoxious guard dog, too. 

Up against the wall.
Succulents with one yellow flower.

Awesome cloud

Hibiscus in jail

Almost a pollen runway 

Wish these would fully open!

 The man who lives with this plant called it thousand flowers. 
 3 flowers in a bougainvillea

About to open

This bridge moved up and down as the water came through.


I haven't seen these before: I'm calling them egg yolk flowers.
 Also new and pretty

Peach rose 

I do love seeing roses.

Alligator Mailbox. Aren't people creative?!

Cactus flower

 Curly insides and below, fruit.


Avocados..out of reach
 My morning Bible study materials. What a column!

Love these pretty Plumeria 


Yellow pretties, birds and flowers
 Clouds after the storm
 The lavender flower hides in here until it's time

Homemade mask and Tilley hat.

Lavender "weed"

More mysteries

 Bananas still not ready
 The oatmeal bread is ready, though! The recipe called for 20 minutes of kneading. Didn't do that.
 Hibiscus in jail

Yellow roses in jail

Gotta go: they are powerwashing again outside my window!!! Run Forrest, run!

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