Sunday, August 23, 2020

Watching for cars

Call me crazy, but people are driving faster and more carelessly these days. My walk today took me in a nice and natural area near a (closed) park, but there were often parts where there was no really path or sidewalk on which to evade traffic. I often just stepped up on the grass near the road, hilly though it was, to get out of the way!

That said, I did spot many pretty flowers and there were even octopus plants. So yay, getting an octopus into my day however I could...
 I liked the juxtaposition of yellow with icy green.

Flower buds are my new best friends. Especially pretty ones.
 Not to encourage burglars or anything, but I have noted that many houses which proclaim a Dog on Duty don't really appear to have one! Of course, they could be in the house at the moment I stroll by, so don't count on this opportunity to be bad. I also want to put a shout out for pitbulls: I passed by one yesterday and it was the quietest, nicest dog, as it watched me go by. Not at all yappy, like some dogs we could mention...

Cloud rainbows
 Nice pale daisy.

There was no fruit to grab for free, but I thought it was nice of this person to occasionally offer things for others.
 Chestnut Mannikins. They rarely stay when I approach, so I was thankful. Of course, they did fly off a second after I took the photo.

God's rays
 Just coming out sunflower. The bees go wild for these flowers!
 Orchids. I finally did purchase one today. Photos later. (Before I kill it...)


 Purple and white. Maybe an orchid. Again, what I don't know would fill many books!
 I do recognize roses, however. And love them. Especially those with a nice scent.
 Another cloud rainbow


Bristles that are white, not red 
 These flowers always make me smile. Especially when they have water drops.

Crinkly white
 I found out it's a Day Blooming Cereus!
 Guppies. I may buy some, as we have a mosquito problem and I'm told they eat the larvae. Maybe I'll get a lotus flower too.

 Lizard hanging upside down. (Not my preference)
Whenever I see flowers like this, I think they are lilies. No basis in fact that I know of.

Giant nice white cloud
 Lily? Is that you?

How many layers!!!


 Puffballs in jail

This is the rose that smells so wonderful!

Succulents in jail. (Jail bars not included in photo.)
 Sugary Purple

More of one of my fave flowers. You'd think that would make me look them up, but you'd be wrong!
 A heart of grass with puffballs.

Cheeto flowers with cheesy evidence

 A Cream Golden Retriever. He wanted to play, but I told the owner I'm allergic. I didn't lie.

The hairiest cactus ever.

So many lizards. So little time.

 Marigolds. I think. Don't quote me.
 Roses. Oh I love the gardener! 

Small pineapple. Oh so cute.

At first I thought these were pink cowry shells. But I think they are seeds or about-to-be flowers.
 How can one not love roses?

 Oh and orchids, too.

 What a lovely color.

Santa gets to snorkel. Why don't I?!
 Some kind of fruit or seed. 


Two Saffron Finches
 This dog eventually lost its mind because I didn't speak to it. Meaning, eventually it barked.
 This is the "bud" of the day blooming cereus.

Kolea! Get outa the road!!!

I had to laugh...see the rottweiler candidates below, a few frames from now.
 Surprised by a parrot! The man who owned it said it loves sunflower seeds. Of which there are many. I wonder how it gets around the many bees on the flowers.

You know what they are. All you have to do is admire them. 

Lizard. Again! And it was sunning, so I had more time to snap.
 The leaves are pretty, with sun and shadow.
 Some kind of fruit.

Candidate one for Rottweiler:
 Candidate two. Didn't scare me. But had there been no fence, they might have slobbered me to death.

Three flowers on the bougainvillea.

 This dog actually lifted off the ground, it was barking so hard!


The hummingbird mailbox has returned! 

 Before my camera flashed, this lizard was totally hidden.

 The pineapple is history, but now the melons are almost ready.
 Mexican poppy

 From the octopus tree nearby
 Daisy with drops

Berries near boug
 Cactus rose


 I wasn't trespassing, so I didn't need to give a reason. Too bad they have to protect themselves.
 Octopus trees in the wild.

Park closed, due to Governor's protective orders

And so it goes. I do not plan to count the number of photos, fearing there are too many!  Thanks for reading/looking. Stand by for octopus photos, hopefully sooner rather than later. But safety is more important than octopus. Besides, they are probably enjoying the break from us water chargers!

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