Monday, August 31, 2020

Nice walk and ineptness

Had a nice walk today. Then had to battle ineptness in the pest control people as well as the medical prescription people. Oy vey! I am going to concentrate beautiful flowers and let the rest go!

 Nice palms and clouds. 

 God's rays

An upcoming pineapple feast! For someone else, that is....
 Pretty orchids. And a new seed pod.
 A sprinkler rainbow!
I have been concerned that I put in too many photos each time I write a post. So I'm going to try to limit them. After all, you have many other things to do than spend your day looking at hundreds of photos. Dontcha?
 Pretend ducks

Pretend Flamingos
 Incongruous pretty flower w/its leaves

Lotus on the pond with guppies

Plumeria about to bloom

Nice orange hibiscus

more plumeria buds

 Mystery purple

yaller rose of...Aiea 
Clay bunnies

 Amazing clouds

Sunrise showing off

 Unknown flower and fruit maybe
 Roses are my thing

 Rainbow in cloud

 Saffron Finch on fence

 I thought: Jesus coming back today!

I call 'em Helicopter weeds...
 Sometimes they are just so pretty.
Chilis on the vine
 Small guppies

Koi swimming around

I love the many layers of a rose.

 I was rewarded for peeking into the Bromeliad: many flowers!
 Pale lavender daisies
 Someone's artwork

 Croc for Alex!
 This lasts one day: flower of the Dragonfruit.
 The fruit

 The entire yard near the fence had these pretty orchids!

I was surprised by these buds on the succulent.
 Looks like stars, right?

The variety of succulents is incredible.
Ballgown Hibiscus
Chicken in jail (that's where they all belong...what is this, Kauai?!)

Pretty flower 
 Somebody got creative

 Daisies in Jail

God's rays
 Creativity in another yard...and pretty fleurs too!
 I haven't seen this flower before. Very interesting, non?
 Nor have I seen this purple one.

Notable clouds


 A quiet dog!!! I figured it deserved to be remembered. It turned to watch me, too. Never said a word.
 Succulents in jail.

 Unknown blue flowers

More of those dragon fruit flowers. 
Still too many photos, but they are all such pretty flowers!!

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