Saturday, January 27, 2018

hitting my stride

 Here's octopus #1 and the Rock Mover Wrasse that drew me to see it. I actually had to pause and think: Is that an octopus?!
Against the gray rocks and from further away than this picture, I was really unsure if it was a rock or an octopus. But it was an octopus. And I saw 6 more, too! As always, God was supportive of my efforts.
Guess I'm making up for having those weekends healing, when I couldn't swim...
And a couple of Rock Movers...twins?

A nice Bluefin Trevally. Love that blue!
 Blue of another kind, mixed with orange and green and sunlight.

The Leaf Fish. They have scorpion fish eyes. And you can see the "legs" resting on the rocks.
 Little white shell.

Cone Shell. A really nice green:
 Male Trunk Fish.

Needles and goats!
I am not sure if it was a Spanish Dancer. Not as red as I'm used to, but that's not proof.

I didn't want you to think I'm a one trick octo-pony..
But yes, there were more octopuses. Of course.
 You can see the siphon on this one. Harder to see is its eye, just to the right of the siphon.


Siphon again and this time, the eye is to the left. Their eyes are not round like human eyes, but more like a dark slit.
 Yes, there's an octopus in there. Pretty smart, right? hiding with the rock in front of the hole. Unfortunately, that's also how tako-hunters look for them.

This one had a red rock to hide it.
 This one was near the island. Quite surprised to see me, too. It immediately retracted to hide.
You can see some of its skin to the left of the rock in the middle.

 I think this one below is kinda spooky-looking. But you can see its head, eye, skin and siphon. Oh yeah, and a bit of rainbow..
It is now time to get the eels out of the way.

 With the Snowflake Moray below, I had to try to see where the head was, as I wanted to pick up that bit of plastic trash. Succeeded too.
Very nice Orange Shoulder surgeon fish. 

Pinktail Durgon and also a yellow phase Cigar wrasse. I was happy to catch them both in the same shot.
 Nice Wrasse.

Cute sleeping seal. A friend asked how I could tell it was sleeping...the snoring? HA.
 Another, as Alex calls them, Lump Seal. Snoozing on the island.
 I think these is a basket shell.
 A sun on the water shot for my pal, Perry. He passed away just before my birthday last year, but he's in Heaven, so maybe he can see this. I would like to think so.

I think some animal makes these round things.  I'm thinking it's poop, but don't really know. Nice design though.
 The Urchin with its protective odds and ends.
Hawkfish. It is amazing how similar, yet different, they are to Scorpion Fish. Resting on their fins that way. But do not think they have poison, which the Scorps do.
 And speaking of poison, another Cone Shell, hiding in the rocks. About 2 feet from the octopus.
Thoroughly enjoyable swim. Thanks, God! I am planning to take a break from swimming twice on the weekend, until I'm all healed totally. But it will be tough. I love that water! and it was pretty calm today. Thanks for reading.
Oops! Almost forgot the cool clouds and palms photo:
There you are, sweet patootie!

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