Monday, January 15, 2018

More from the coloring book...and the beach!

So, nothing in my doctor's orders precluded me from going to the beach and getting my feet wet, so my sweetheart and I braved the heat to venture to Kalapaki Beach on Kauai.
And we found a surprise:
 This nice little shell, balanced on my slipper, had the animal inside.
So Alex, a better pitcher than I, tossed it back in the water. You can see in the photo above a bit of the animal. He said, as he prepared to throw it, that the animal had come out a bit more.  Glad it didn't die. And I have looked in my shell book for it and once again noted that I am not great at identifying shells! I'll look again and let you know what I find.
And more from the coloring book:

It is fun to choose colors for these pictures...nothing like the real ones, of course, but still a good stress reducer. 
And I found out what my hubby didn't buy me for Christmas, as well as what he did:

This is the one he did buy me...other than the eyes, quite a good representation.
 Now, I have never seen an octopus with a top hat, nor one with spectacles, but Creme Brulee is the true way you can see that this isn't a real ocean photo.  But we enjoy it all anyway! This is the pillow he didn't buy me. Yes, it is possible to have too many octopuses! Can't believe I said that....

I may have posted this photo before, but this is the coffee I found for Alex in New Orleans...I smile to see it, while not condoning the language. 

If you pray, please pray I am able to get in the water next weekend to see the "real deal" in their natural habitat! 

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