Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year's Eve Day post

We sent the old year off right: 6 octo-sightings!

You have to work to see the one below: it is across to the right from the Rock Mover Wrasse...brown underneath tan coral.
 Same octo-fish, but in the lower left corner.

This one was near the other one....
 And this one was in its den. Note the eye above and to the left of the siphon.

This one is hard to can see the little white line above its eye, in the lower right quarter of the photo.
 Another hiding in its hole.

The siphon looks big, but the photo is cropped to emphasize it...and note the sand in the water.
 Would you see the octopus? This was my first glance at #1.
The Abudefduf
 Ambon Puffer

 Wrasse and Trunk Fish, sharing the spotlight

Male Trunk Fish
And the Female Trunk Fish

Brighteye Chromis
 Really nice cone shell...occupied, so I left it. In pristine shape.

Snowflake Moray eel
 Whitemouth Moray

Everybody, butterfly fish, Barred File Fish, Hawaiian Hog Fish, Surgeon, and damsel all got into the act of trying to eat the broken urchin.

 Hawaiian Hog Fish, alone above, and with a Threadfin Butterfly below. Isn't it amazing how they can have all the same colors but look totally different?

 Hawk Fish resting on top of a coral head. Good view..
Picasso Humu heading into a hidey hole.

This wrasse was hiding also.
 These guys were milling about, irritating the tang near the coral head.
 Juvenile Rock Mover Wrasse, pretending to be sea weed.

Leaf Fish. Pretending it wasn't visible..
 Lovely parrot fish.
 Millet seed butterfly. Note the black line over the eye...helps the eye be camouflaged. 

No clue what these were..egg cases?

Pencil urchin feeling squashed, no doubt.

 Pinktail Durgon.

A quartet of Rock Mover wrasses trying really hard to eat something. Goat fish awaiting leftovers.
 Sand can be so busy, right?

Look closely: the shell has orange antenna of a crab from inside.
 Scorpion fish. A really small one. Maybe 4 inches long.

Curvy Snowflake eel
 The two chromis have me interested....I'll have to look 'em up.
Have a great New Year's Eve!

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