Sunday, April 4, 2021

He is Risen!

It feels very odd not to go to church on Easter. I am halfway through my vaccination series and plan to get back to some practices after I'm completely vaccinated. That said, it is a long tradition for me to go to church on Easter.

I pray that you will have a blessed Easter, no matter what you are doing on this day.

It seems only fair to begin with one of the spectacular lizard displays. For my beloved! He keeps his lizard collection all over the world. This one is displaying, I think, for a possible mate. I thought the frog, below, was ugly, but the lizard didn't seem to mind. (He's on the right of the picture.)

A different type of water lily?
Old Glory

I never tire of seeing the lovely colors and whorls. I only wish I could send you the scent!

These pink ones are small but mighty. You would think I would have looked these flowers up by now, but you'd be wrong. Lazy, lazy!

I finally managed to get a bit closer to a lizard. Which is the term I use, not knowing whether it's a gecko, chameleon, lizard, or tiny dragon. Yeah, I'll get right on that study.
Someone else likes Hello Kitty too....even put her on the spare tire cover!
Crown of Thorns. Very appropriate. These plants can grow really high. Or stay really low. But always thorny.
The White Rumped Shama popped on the sidewalk and got quite close. Very unusual. But then it heard a car and flew. It did find some food before it disappeared. And I'm hearing them and other birds outside my window right now. What a great welcome to a new day.
This might look like bugs or something. But what it really is, I think, is seeds! There was a big cactus-like plant there, which apparently was dug up. These bits were left over. I'm waiting to see if another tree starts from the dregs.

Mango season! Yahoo!!

I do love these roses. Note the pale, pale tinge of pink at the edges of the bloom.

The Lantana kept some of the water droplets in its blossoms.

Bitter Melon

A surprise orchid! Very delicate and interesting.

The lady who lives with the Rose Man likes dwarfs. I thought these were very Easter and cute.

I admire the curves on the edges of this rose.

More Crown of Thorns

I do hope you all have a great Easter. Love One Another! Don't be any kind of hater. And thank you for viewing my post. Oh and by the way, I do hope to see our local version of the Easter Bunny on my walk.

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