Sunday, April 18, 2021

Summer is in sight

 I have noted the warmer mornings...summer is on its way.

And I am of 2 minds about that: it will be hotter. Needless to say. And more sweaty. Not a huge fan of sweat. We'll see.

So here are the amazing flowers and dogs I saw on my walks.

There are 2 Saffron Finches in the tree...

Kolea breeding colors
Easter bunny makes another appearance.
It seems even kids cannot escape the need to cut the grass.
I thought of a yellow theme for the post, instead of mostly pink. Well, ok, there IS still pink.
A fuo of barkers. The brown and white one stayed quiet. Good dog!

I love the Sheltie. The other dog is his pal. 

There is yellow inside the corn husk. I just know it!

I am waiting with baited breath for the scarlet flower to emerge. 

I had to laugh: I thought it said Save the Word. But what it really says is Look All Ways. HAHA. In my defense, it is kinda blurry.

Another chance to see the Saffron Finches.
Toby, a very affectionate and excitable cream Golden Retriever.

I left it on a railing for an enterprising golfer to find.

I hadn't noticed previously, but they have added NO social gatherings to the usual suspects...

Here's a good hedge hog that I could use for the Do you need a Hedge Hug? card..

I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't have a bad allergic reaction when Toby swamped me...I was a bit itchy, but not bad. 

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