Sunday, April 25, 2021

The pats widen

 I was able to pat a Shiba Inu this past week, in addition to a poodle, without allergic reactions. I'm feeling fortunate!

I told this man he was brilliant! He attached the poo bags to the vest/leash of each dog. That way, he didn't have to carry the bags. Smart, eh?

But no photo of the Shiba Inu (Kenji) this week. The poodle is above. I didn't pet the Pom, as I knew all that hair would wreak havoc. In fact, I didn't pat any of the other animals viewed above. But not for lack of desire! The black dog just above the poodle pic is a deerhound! I told the owner I never see that breed here in Hawaii...and now I'm proved wrong. The owner said that the dog, a female, is small for that breed and she found it at a shelter! I was happy to see that unusual breed and glad it was adopted.

I was also surprised that several of the small breeds I encountered were able to keep their yaps shut. Not a usual occurrence among the small breeds. Maybe they have more to prove. Napoleon complex.

Find the lizard!

Bitter melon and the yellow flower near.

Finally! This fuchsia flower again appeared. And it was gone the next day. Not sure if someone cut it.

Many pineapples this time of year.

3 flowers in the cup of the bromeliad

Another lizard

See why I call these helicopter plants?


I'm told these are rare hibiscus.....Princess something.....

I thought maybe cucumber?

God's rays

I guess the owners cut the other limbs off...
A swimming lizard...or maybe a wannabe.

3 pineapples on the same plant. About the size of my thumb. So cute!

I hope I see more of these fuchsia plants. I see lots of the plants without the flowers. But so pretty.

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