Monday, March 29, 2021

Another successful pat


I was able to successfully pat this wonderful Shiba Inu. No allergic reaction!

This dog is the most chill I've ever patted. He did sniff me first, apparently deciding that my lavender hand lotion was not to his taste. But he did let me scratch his furry head. His owner says they have 2 coats, so that would be why he felt so furry. He stayed quiet for the entire encounter. Very nice.
I did NOT try to pat the sheltie puppy, nor did I attempt to touch the rabbit or the lizard. Just not a thing to do.

This little guy lives right next to the irritable Doberman. It surprises me that this dog can remain so nice while surrounded by loud aggressive barking! I didn't try to pet him, mostly because he was tough to get to behind the fence, but also not sure with all that hair what my allergies would do.

It was a nice surprise to see 2 flowers inside.

A bit out of focus, but the little pineapple in the back was about the size of my thumb joint!

Bee hard at work. 

Easter display. This is the same gentleman who had the Keep Out Big Dog sign in his driveway.

An unusual mushroom

A row of oranges on the pavement. There is a game where you roll them out to see how many get run over. A smelly enterprise! And possibly illegal so don't do it intentionally.

Smiley face on the rock.
Dinosaurs are not extinct!

I also happened onto a White Rumped Shama and caught his song on video. I'll see if I can upload to youtube...look for octopigirl7. And thanks for peeking at my pix!

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