Monday, June 8, 2020

Flowers galore!

I am really hoping to be able to get wet in the ocean soon...perhaps in Hanauma Bay! They have said they'll be closed til the end of June, so dare I hope that means they will re-open July 1?!
 I don't know if these are weeds, but I do think they are interesting...I actually looked up "weed": "a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants; not valued where it is and overgrowing more desirable plants."
 How do you make a cloud with a hole in it? For that matter, how does one make a cloud? God? let me know, please.
 Yes, Choose Love! Definitely.
 I don't see very many Coleus out here. And the blue flowers below are pretty too.
 Fuzzy Scarlet.

God's rays 

Celebrating graduation 
 Hearts for my sweetheart...22 years of wedded bliss.

Pink. Kinda like snapdragons. I did get a new app for id'ing plants, but it does slow me down.
 Nice mailbox.

 These plants are a mystery to me.

Bromeliad flower.

Why they make the flowers so tall?!

white can ignore it if you like. I'm not a huge spider fan, but thought this was cool.

Saffron hiding near the concrete border.

Bird mailbox. Aren't people creative?
 No one is more creative than God, though...creamy white below.

 Give me some papayas ahready! I love green papaya salad..
 Cattle Egret getting its free shower.
 I go back to these plants each time I'm near the park. So pretty. And pretty long lasting, too.
 extravagant orange
 God's rays
 Look at all the pollen on the white stalks. You can't tell, but when there's a breeze, these are REALLY hard to photograph! They are on long stalks and whip around in the breeze. But worth the work.

 Hummingbird next on a mailbox. I miss those birds! (They can't make the long journey to Hawaii.)


 Wow! a Saffron Finch fairly close.

 Somebody other than me loves shells...even on their mailbox.
 The land snails are not as pretty as the marine ones. My opinion.

Flowers in jail

 Aren't they so delicate? And pretty.
 I wonder if the homeowners hear me walking away saying "Pretty, oh so pretty!"
 Mexican Poppy

This flower is so cool: look how the center has lots of wiry bits.  

 I guess those might be seeds inside the flowers below.


 Octopus Tree!

Somebody else loves orchids, too. I can't go into someone's yard, so I wasn't able to get close.

 While on line at the post office, the lady in front of me gave me a free mask! She is crazy talented. She also donated some to the food donation spots.
 Pink orchid, I think.
 I visit these each day when I can. So unusual and pretty. Oh and blue IS my color!

About to burst:

 Wow clouds. Nice colors, too.
 Something about these pretty white ones...gardenia? Could be.

Times 2
 These are near a fence in the park. Like no one planted them, they just appeared!

 God's rays
 Lily, I think, could be Royal Sunset.

 Those orchids with blue look like this when they are at the end.

 I think these look like they have sugar on them.
 From above

from underneath, a mushroom

 I would be all over taking this one's photo, if it weren't in someone's yard.

People love succulents here....less cost of water, perhaps. I am surprised at the many varieties.


 Pink and green pretties
 Hairy inside
 Hairy outside

This Saffron Finch was totally trying to converse with the other "bird" reflected.

 Note that the red stops halfway down the leaf.

 Mangoes, yes! Wish I had a tree.

 Pollen overflowing

This rose was gone a few days later. Nice scent too.

A surprise white flower that I have not id'd yet.

Cactus flower almost open
 Chicken on the roof. It walked carefully over top of everything.

Guard cat
 Good sign at the local school

Lily maybe 

 Check out that big bee!

 Fruits of all types
Orchid about to bust out
 Succulents, including aloe
 Blow torch for creme brulee for the anniversary!


I actually snapped a shot before they flew away. Sparrows from Java.
 If only I could grow orchids....

 Two Saffron Finches knew where to hide from me. I'm not that tall..

 I really enjoy catching them with morning dew on them.

 Yesterday was 10,000 steps! Today, only 3.33 miles.

 Avocado in jail. And wasted on the ground.
 Cactus flower in jail

More cactus in jail. Look like little candles, don't they?

Limes in jail
 Look at the delicate patterns on the flowers:
 Someone is ready for Christmas!

 These were a blast from the past: we had these when I was a kid. Don't remember their name.
 I do remember roses, though.

A long post, but lots to show. Perhaps I'll do 2 a week....

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