Monday, June 22, 2020

Flowers and clouds...and the absence of octopus!

I am hoping that Hanauma Bay will soon re-open. Until then, there will probably be a dearth of octo-sightings! Sigh... Better safe than sorry, though.

I have been amusing myself with combining dog names on my walks recently. I am sure people who walk by me wonder why I'm laughing to myself! Dogs like: German Short-Spitz. Viszladoodle. dachsydoodle. Spitzeranian. I tell ya, once you start thinking of these, there's no end. And in case you need someone to blame, blame the person who thought up the Malti-poo! And the Goldendoodle. hahaha.

So on to the clouds and flowers:
 I am so enamored with these orchids! The very pretty blue, especially. I have noted they don't seem to last long.


and more orchids:
 I love the wispy clouds.

Creamy white
 Dark and light clouds

Pretty orchid. I am so amazed that people seem to take these pretty flowers for granted.

Flowers and clouds. The flowers always so high up. 
 God's Majestic Clouds

Hibiscus in jail.
 Moon and clouds

My sweetheart found a cool new game for us. We do still like Carcassonne!
 And speaking of France, we recently watched one of our youtubers, Oui in France. She walked all through Mt. Saint Michel....there were no crowds! It was really eerie.

More tall flowers and clouds

Cute little pineapple in jail. (By that I mean they are behind a fence, so I can't go closer.) 

 Rainbow. In French, it's arc-en-ciel. Arc in the sky. 
 Roses. So pretty and so quickly gone.

 There is just something about the delicacy of these flowers.

 Wispy clouds
The purple with the crazy center...This is a fallen one. The live ones are high up!

Another rainbow

These tomatoes are tiny and very cute.

 The following one was a new one for me...Getting ready for Christmas, maybe.
 I guess these are seed pods. I have seen them broken open, perhaps eaten by bugs.
 Another blue orchid waiting to bloom.

Hanging Garden of...Pearl City?!

Two Java sparrows.

I found another pretty scarlet flower. Note the white flower inside.

Cute small pineapple
 Orchids trying to escape jail.

Saffron Finch, standing at attention.

 This is the cool Lab that accompanies the golfer in the park. Doesn't need to be leashed, apparently.

Cloud action with light

Crown Flower. Yay! I was able to find it online...Calotropis gigantea.

 I normally disregard bougainvillea, but recently noted the pretty white flowers inside.

 Striped orchids in someone's yard. All dressed up.

 A little tired...

Bananas not yet ready.
 Someone else also likes honu. This was carved on someone's mailbox post.

The church (first time back!) distributed masks.

And the gardener gave me one...

I do enjoy orchids.

 The scarlet flower was already fading.
 Pretty yellow. It looks like a carnation...but can they be yellow?
Thanks for looking at the flowers and clouds with me. I do enjoy taking the pix and it also gives me a rest from walking uphill. 

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