Saturday, May 30, 2020

Shortest post ever!

Today, my hubby and I decided to have me swim, then visit the Waikiki Aquarium, of which we are members. 

The swim was uneventful...but there were fish. And an eel. And bad visibility. And waves. But at least the water was clearer than last time and no waves mashed me about. Well, at least not until I tried to get out and ended up with a little rock puncture on my leg. But no biggie!

Here's what I saw:

 There were some other fish, but not worth reporting upon.
What is worth reporting is that even though the Waikiki Aquarium said on their info tape that they were open, THEY WERE NOT. Very disappointing. And there will be an angst-filled letter going out to them. After all, how hard is it to change their outgoing message?! Harrumph.

But I got to get wet and salty, so it's all good. We even got to visit a different Safeway, so that's good too. Stay safe!

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