Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sunday's Flowers and Clouds

It is amazing how the weeks are slipping by. And we might be making a move, so I'm enjoying the current neighborhood while I can.
 Nice daisies.  And the purple below is very pretty too.
 That crazy tree! This bloom had fallen down. Note the water droplets and the mass of little vines inside.
 When I took this photo in macro level, it made the flash go off. I think it added to the pretty. I do wonder what the one longer stem inside does...
 Oh Yeah, I was trying to be good, so didn't take these mangoes that had escaped "jail."
 Mexican poppy

The temptation was great.

Cloudscape with trees.

The chalk artists apparently love Jesus too!
 Orchid with morning dew. what I think is a Cattleya orchid.
 Orchid mystery. I do have the app now, but it does slow down my walk.

Roses never last long, but I do enjoy them while they are there. (This one was gone a couple of days after this photo.)
 C'mon! Who doesn't love roses? This one was in jail, so I could not tell if it smelled great.
 Scarlet. I never tire of taking their photo.
 I don't tire of this lily either.

 Somebody was cute with the surfboard mailbox.

I don't know, but this seems vine-ish and possibly a weed. Although lovely.
About to open. Note the small bug inside. They are pollinators too! Even birds can be. Just more of God's perfect plan for continuing the species.
 Berries in jail.
 I love the colors of the Bird of Paradise.

I have been ignoring bougainvillea for the most part, but scarlet does get my attention.
 And now we will show gorgeous colorful majestic clouds.

 I was glad to be out early enough to catch these pinks and oranges.

 Can you imagine coming up with the idea of a cloud? "Let's see...something that is ephemeral. Colorful. Multiple shapes. Brings rain. Moves with the wind. Can be layered. Tells of upcoming weather." I mean, come on. That was mega-creative!
 I used to imagine Jesus up there, painting every day. But I'll bet He delegates. Oh yeah.

Just like the creation of these flowers. What a system of reproduction.
 And the creamy white flowers, too.
 And twin yellows.

Even fuzzy! 
 Oops another cloud which shows the dynamic size of these clouds. I really do wish I could tell their size.
 Once I noted these, I started seeing them everywhere. (But didn't look them up yet. I thought I'd have lots of time once I retired, but...)

 Pineapples behind bars.

 This was before they mowed the park. 

 The 5 pointed star is pretty.

These were a surprise. Not sure what they'll open up to be.

I have been noticing "holes" in clouds.
 And God's rays coming through them.
 I am a huge fan of the prophet Isaiah. A local church put sayings and verses out on the bridge over the freeway.
 I have noticed the increase in suicides, mentioned online. If you are considering it, please seek help or tell a friend or a pastor or your parents. Please get help.
 The only place that has these pretty blooms low enough to get a shot of is on the way to the grocery store. Mostly, they are up high.
 And speaking of grocery stores, we finally have more toilet paper!

And we had to laugh. Two months ago, when there was a real lack of available toilet paper, I went to my online store and ordered some. Turns out it is 1. small! and 2. from China! Who knew? I put the little rolls next to regular toilet paper so you can compare the sizes. At least it was 3 ply.
Celebrating getting my 10,000 steps even before breakfast!
 Love creamy white flowers.

And more of God's rays.

I really must look this one up. I'm guessing it's a weed, but not sure.
 These little tomatoes were about the size of my thumb. Adorable.
 Somebody was way creative. This is the side of their mailbox. 
 And another side. Somebody is wicked talented.
 Pink and wood side by side.

I was surprised to see the little cross flowers inside the pink blooms.
 Roses are beautiful but fade away quickly. Thankfully, it appears there is another on the way.

Another one I really must look up. It looks to be the flower of a succulent.
 Clouds and trees. 

Stark landscape, right? With God's rays, too.
 More tomatoes. It reminded me of the castle we visited in France, La Bourdaisiere. The Prince collected hundreds of types of tomatoes.

 Tender white.

More orchids with blue have bloomed.
 And more tomatoes.

Cactus flowers in jail.
 God's rays
 Green tomatoes too
 Holes in clouds.

It did briefly rain on me.

 Hungry ants.

Lily showing its pollen

 Who would think to put a brief touch of pink on these petals?
 Somebody needs to rescue and eat this ripe papaya.

 Another orchid in jail.
 I wonder if they sell these.
 The wind was making these move. Hard to catch a good snap.
 Someone or some thing broke this Mexican Poppy. It makes me wonder if it's a weed.
 Pretty, but in jail, too.
 I could never reproduce these delicate colors.
 Look's the left hand side of the rainbow.
 Red hibiscus

More roses, far back in someone's yard, so I couldn't get close.
 This Saffron Finch sat still long enough for me to catch a picture. (I also got video of them eating: octopigirl7 on
 I was finally able to the a good angle on this flower. It's like a little crown on top.

And pokey-pokey cactus:
 The only thing marring this shot is the paper plate that has been blowing around in the park. I'm afraid to pick up trash.
 This is a closeup of some flowers in the ground cover.
 And this one fell down. It's the same flower as shown above, near the grocery store.
 Flies are pollinators, too. Do your job!
I thoroughly enjoy taking photos of pretty flowers. But hope for octo-sightings soon! Here's hoping and praying for the bay to reopen.

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