Saturday, May 16, 2020

Neighborhood update or Putting your best pink forward

True to my new idea, I am putting a week's worth of photos into one post. I'm getting on to 500 posts on this site, so I have to conserve. 

Clouds showing nice trees and God's rays.

 Waning Moon

Finches waiting on the fence

You can see why I like to walk here. The obvious beauty, but also so few people, I can take off my mask. Cooler that way, for sure.
 Java Sparrows. I think of them as Tuxedo birds...I don't think that appellation is original with me, but can't remember where I first heard it. 

 And pineapples someone was growing. They are so cute at that age!
Puffballs with raspberry-like parts. (This might be my "best pink forward" photo.)
 Who thinks of cactus in Hawaii?!

You know the drill: clouds and trees....

God's rays

 One of the prettiest flowers recently. And no, no idea what they are. (If you know, please let me know.)

 Lilies? Orchids? Pretty in any case.

It is very bad to poach Papayas, so I didn't. They sure looked good, though. And there's a Green Papaya Salad I love. Ummmm. Thai food!
 One of my fave flowers.
 Pink Plumeria

Saffron Finch
 The sidewalk artist was busy again. I talked with the dad...he was proud, too!


I hardly ever see cats. This one was quite afraid of me. Can they tell when you like dogs better?

 It is a matter of curiosity for can clouds be right next to another and be such different shapes? Studying clouds is called Nephology.  I thought cloud-ology sounded better, but no one asked me. Shocking, I know.

Creamy white

 OK, babe, here's your lizard

Awwww, very nice scarlet. Or Fuchsia. Whatever color it is, it is quite pretty.


 And purple/scarlet flower

I think someone was getting some rain! I planned to swim today or at least try to, but I'm told this is Jellyfish day. Drat!
 A couple of Saffron Finches.

 Saffron taking off. I had a yellow theme.....see how I did.

Yellow is not my favorite color, but when it's natural like this, it's hard to resist!
 Carnations at Safeway. Too bad there was no scent. Sometimes, they have to sacrifice scent for color. Why not both?
 Creamy white with scarlet. 

I had a short day of walking. Bought too much at Safeway and had to call my knight in shining armor to pick me up.

This plant totally mystified me: what on earth is it?!

 Find the Finch.

They always are quite watchful....
 Morning dew on plant.

There are too many ways to take this sign's message. I would put SLOW. Children Playing!
 Yellow squared. The Saffron Finch is def dwarfed by the hydrant.
More cactus

And of course, today's clouds and trees.

 More water drops

 Rainbow Gum tree by the house.

And the lavender plant. 

 So delicate!

 If you know what these are, please let me know.
 Perhaps I should do a day of Orange.

 Note the bug at the bottom of the puffball.
 Lavender. Oh so pretty.
 These finches were flirting around on the car. I think they were going to snoop in the rear view mirror.

 We heart our students. Done with red drink cups. Nice.
 Yellow squared.

All in all, too many pix, but glad of all the pretty! Thanks, God. Please have the hellofish move along...Thanks.

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