Thursday, November 7, 2019

Winter Water

Yippee! Winter water has arrived.
For those of you who aren't lucky enough to live on Kauai (I will soon be one!), in the winter, the water on the south shore loses much of its surf. The North and West shores start to go off. I am happy when the surf disappears. Shocking, I know!

I am much more a snorkeler than a surfer. I recently saw Riding Giants again. Great Surf Movie! And enough to definitely put the fear of God in ya. They ride incredibly big waves. No thanks. I'll leave that to the Laird Hamiltons of this world.

But I am fortunate enough to see octopuses and other cool animals when I go under. And today, I just gave 2 talks to people about walking on the bottom: one lady heard not to walk on the bottom and laughed and then continued to walk on the bottom. I do hope when she has kids that she doesn't mind that the reef is totally ugly! But I digress.

4 octo-sightings today! I'm going to mash the best pix in; some aren't good, so I'll ignore my failure on those octopuses. ha.
 OK, just for continuity, here's octopus #1 hiding in its den. I could barely see the siphon, but you can't really see it in the photo. Frustrating, right?!
 Just across to the right from the fish's cheek, you can see another octopus, adhering to the rock.
 And the Rock Mover in this one is going over the octopus, which is just below the white stripe on its tail. REALLY. And below, the octopus is above the fish, in a cleft in the rock.

You can see the eye...white lines radiating out from the center.

Nobody said it's easy to see 'em.

And now we come to #4, which had all kinds of nice lighting on it. 

 Even purple on its eye!

 Not the same nice light, but you can see the siphon and eyes. And suckers.

I do so enjoy the little dears!

 As I do Pinktail Durgon fish...
 And Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasses going about their work.
 The Cornet below was as small as a pencil. So cute.

And then the bigger version.
 A Cowry shell hidden on the bottom.
 Female Box or Trunk Fish.
 Indo Pacific Damsel came up to see why I was there. Or perhaps looking for food.
 Kihikihi Trio

And the bigger adult
 Tiny Humu about to dart into a hole.
 Lizard Fish moved to escape me. But I did "catch" it.

Another Humu, showing its tiny size.
 Orange Shoulder surgeon. Love the colors

Peacock Grouper
 More pencils

 And more pinktails, this one younger. Doesn't have the pink on its tail yet...

Snowflake Moray for my sis-in-law, Sue!
 This is a partridge Tun shell, which had been taken over by a crab (see the one pink leg below) and some anemones.

 Whitemouth Moray eel. 
I really enjoyed the nice water. It wasn't totally clear, but was totally wonderful.

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