Tuesday, April 2, 2019

leaf and line

Seeing a fishing line in the water is always a concern for me, as many people don't know to expect a line in their path...not to mention a hook!
In this case, there was a nice black leaf fish...and a fishing line in the bottom. So I didn't want to freak the fish out by grabbing the line and getting it out of there. So I left it there. Next time, I'll see if I can find the line again and pull it out.

I did see 2 octopuses and 3 scorpion fishes! One scorpion fish was a big one.

In the one above, the octopus' siphon is visible. Just above it is its eye. Both octopuses stayed pretty much in their dens, so I took pix of what I could. 

 You can see its eye a bit better in the one below.
It took me an hour and a half to find that first octopus!

 Humu with light on its skin
 Male box fish
 Pencils and an eel. Which did you spot first? (the eel is up and to the left, with its mouth open.)

 Razor Fish in the deep end. I don't know if it's a fin on its head or what, but it can move it up and back.
 Scorpion Fish
 And another.
 Snowflake moray eel
 Trash that I picked up from the bottom and brought home. 
 Scorpion fish upside down. Its mouth is near the top of the photo.
 Urchin. These kind have an anal sac (the circular thing in the middle) and two types of spines.
 A little urchin of a different type, loaded down with rocks and vegetation.

I enjoyed this swim, especially since the jelly fish were gone. And finding octopuses always helps my attitude. 

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