Saturday, April 6, 2019

It happens

I was going to call the post SKUNKED, but trying to be nonchalant about not seeing any octopuses today. I am glad for nice water, 2 scorpion fish and many other of God's wonderful creatures. The octopuses were probably at a conference on Oahu. They never check with me before traveling. Go figure.

Anyway, here's the good stuff: 
2 Pinktail durgons in the same shot. Unusual. They are pretty solitary, at least on Kauai.
 At the bottom: one of those cute 3 spot chromis that hang out near coral heads.
 5 Humu in one picture. Also unusual. We don't get that many groups over here....
 Unless you're talking groups of goat fish.
 Blue spined Unicorn
 Cleaning station with parrot fish and convict tangs.
 Cone shell with the original animal hiding inside.
 And this hiding white mouth moray...that's why you don't put your hand in holes.
 Honu swam by.
 This lizard fish zoomed away shortly afterward.

Pinktail showing its tail
 And a green plaid cornet fish. I rarely seem them this color
 And until today, I had not noted the Saddle wrasse's purple fin
 Scorp #1
I would have loved to take this shell home, but it had a tenant

 Nice tiny shell
 Spotfin Scorp hiding underneath a rocky overhang
 Stocky hawk fish looking for prey
 Trevally following a snowflake eel
 I don't know that I would put a Cone shell on my back for protection, as this urchin did.
This photo is called Why did I take this photo? Because there's a Scorpion fish just below that red rock. Same fish as in the photo earlier, with the orange fins.

Nice swim. Grateful for what I did see, even if it wasn't an octopus!

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