Thursday, March 14, 2019

7 octofish

YAY. 7 octopuses and I got at least a semi-decent photo of all of them. And it took 727, my hand is tired! I'm right handed, so I take the photos as well as look at them once I'm at home and then I post, all mostly with the right hand, so I need a nap. And Tylenol Arthritis. 
 The octopus is above and to the right of the Rock Mover wrasse. Which, by the way, was irritating the octopus no end!

 There was even a point where there were two octopuses in the same area, one on either side of a rock. (Look for octopigirl7 on youtube to see it flying away from a wrasse.)

 This one above was a surprise. There were two holes and I peeked in the first one, thinking that would be where the octopus was. But it was in one above the hole I peeked into. Sneaky buggahs!
I was very happy to see #7: I had peeked into what I thought was his den/rock earlier, didn't see him, but did spot a Snowflake Moray eel. So i was glad he hadn't been eaten! Very happy to see so many octopuses. 

Two Threadfin Butterfly fish and the light incoming.
 The Ambon puffer showing some of that nice blue fin underneath.

 The fish that was irritating the octopus. I like the clown face..
 A crab inside a Turban shell that I picked up.
 Female box
 Here's the octopus that fled from the wrasse....wasn't easy.
 Honu swam by me. Later, on the beach, I saw one that had been bitten by a Tiger Shark. Poor thing!
 The new full wetsuit. Selfies not easy in the water...
 Pink and then pink.

 Seal looking around.

Snowflake moray 
 Spotfin Scorpion fish.
 These are the two holes I mentioned earlier...the octopus was in the one with the white rock, up and to the left in the photo.
 Urchins again holding stuff on their backs

This Yellow Tail Coris had just picked up the maroon rock to its left. They are doing what the Rock Mover Wrasses do: pick up a rock to see what is underneath, in case it's edible.
 I think this is the male of the Yellow Tail Coris...
Very nice way to spend almost 3 hours...and the wetsuit definitely kept me warmer. I was poised/stopped taking octopus photos and when you don't move for a while, you can get really cold! Thanks to God for providing all this wonderful entertainment!

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