Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Trinity

You will probably think this is odd. Yesterday, I was totally gifted with sightings of at least 8 octopus! Banner day.

So today after church, I was almost ready to get out of the water when I thought, Please God! Give me one more octopus! It would be like 3 reminding me of the Trinity!

And then it appeared:
See it? Peeking out at me. So I did get to spot 3 octopuses. Father, Son, Holy Spirit has power!!!

And here is the octopus showing its siphon. And the shell that it probably had for lunch. They do that: blow the shells out of their dens after they eat the animal.
 And it got dark. Didn't like me looking, apparently.

But #1 octopus was also great. I had seen a spear fisherman about 2 minutes previously, so I was a bit leery of actually seeing an octopus, knowing that many spear fishermen like to catch the tako! (Boo, hiss.) And then I spotted this big adult octopus, with the accompanying Rock Mover Wrasse, who continued to dog that poor octopus!
 I was in the deep part of the pond, so couldn't get as close as I'd like.
Luckily, the spear fisherman had swum away.

The two eyes are in between those 2 orange parts of its breathing apparatus. And it made its skin bumpy too.
Darn wrasses! In your face. 
 Wrasse was still watching the octopus to make sure it wasn't missing anything.

And rubbing up on it, too.
 Alone at last. Actually it should be alone at first...this was how it was when I first saw it.

And octopus #2:
 See the siphon inside the den, behind the rocks? They are wicked clever.

Here you can see the tentacles behind the rocks. Of course, I would hide also if I thought an unthinking tourist was going to walk on me!
Siphon deep inside the den.
 A mess of goat fish near the crossover point.
 Tangs out for an afternoon swim.

Apparently, I am scarier than I knew. This Humu was about to disappear in the hole.
 Cowry shells hiding in a niche in the coral.

A cranberry drupe shell
 Don't they look rather like Easter eggs in a basket?!

 Overloaded Urchins

Palm trees and clouds
 Pencil Urchin up close

 Pink Coral
 Pretty Parrot fish

Shrimp hiding. If you hear popping when you're in the water, it is often the shrimp making their noise.
 I think this is the same shell, with crab, that I found last week!

And an upside down Cowry shell. 
 And an urchin with mostly plant material instead of big rocks and shells. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the after church swim: nice water, low surf and only one person almost bumped me. It's a good Sunday!
Oops! Almost forgot the Juvenile Rock Mover wrasse and the Lizard fish for my sweetheart:

OK, now I'm good. Thanks for viewing and reading: this is my 350th post on Google!

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