Tuesday, February 5, 2019

If only I had known....

As you may know, sometimes something other than the item I think I'm photographing shows up in the photo:
 A nudibranch!!!

I took the photo because I couldn't see the green stuff very well, thinking there was a possible octopus hiding. BUT NO! There was a tiny nudibranch hiding on the rock next to it. I have never seen this type in my snorkeling adventures. Had I seen it, you can bet that I would have taken a bazillion photos of it. Drat. But at least I got a small shot.

And 3 octopuses today:
 This one knew the drill and hid in its den pretty well. You can just see the eye near the rock showing out on the left.
 For once, I don't think the Rock Mover Wrasse even knew the octopus was there! 
 And this is becoming a "regular", even if it hides really well out near where the waves come in. Look for the white siphon.
You know I love Ambon puffer fish. Gorgeous!
 And the one on the right is showing a bit of the anal fin of blue...
 Blue-spined Unicorn fish
 It's not easy to discern, but this poor needlefish appeared to have a broken back! The darker blue bending down is the latter half of the fish. The silver part is the front half..
 Saddleback Butterfly
 Christmas Wrasse
 Cowry Shell
 Crab carcass. It took me a minute to determine that it was dead, as the water moved it around.
 Indo-pacific damsel. These are all over in the waters on Kauai...not so much on Oahu.
 Blue Male trunk fish
 Pinktail Durgon
 Big Rock Mover Wrasse
 Small Threadfin Butterfly fish
 Snowflake Moray saying hello

 Spotfin Scorpion Fish
 Urchin with shells as protection

The water was quite nice today: only a bit of cloudiness. And some of the water was like glass....really nice and flat. I'm thankful!

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