Thursday, August 9, 2018

Bye bye to Hector and an octopus!

Very thrilled to report that other than a bit of wind and rain, the effects of Hurricane Hector were not felt on Kauai. This could have been why the octopus felt ok about showing itself today...I'm definitely not complaining!

I have been checking around near the place where I saw an octopus a week ago. And today, there was one! Nearby, attaching itself to an ugly building brick in the water.
 You can see the eye and siphon.

Also saw a seal and two turtles:
 These two turtles were lounging on the beach. And thankfully, people were leaving them alone.
 This was the sleeping seal I saw earlier on the beach, and now, headed out to sea.
My husband calls them lump seals. ha.
 This was a shrimp I caught sight of in a hole. Note the large claws on the left and right.
 Christmas Wrasse. I have almost given up on taking their photo, as they are so quickly in and out of the scene, I just get the camera turned on and they're gone!
 Clouds and palms and waves. 
 These, I'm told are possibly nudibranch eggs, attached to some coral/rock.

 You can see how small the Humu was! Just a bit bigger than the Brighteye Chromis. 
 They are small, but feisty. These don't stray far from a hole,  into which they can dive if frightened.
 And this might be a first-time sighting: the Magnificent Snake eel.
 And a snakeskin cowry. Hiding.

 Snowflake Moray eel, mouth agape.
 Spotfin Scorpion Fish. I haven't been seeing the Leaf Fishes lately.
 I think these are strands from an urchin..maybe.
 Bluefin Trevally and the Snowflake Moray eel it was hounding.

This urchin was attached in a precarious way to a nearby rock. And well protected with rocks on its back....
I am fairly sure the seals can't read, but apparently he took the warning to heart. This is the same seal that swam about above. And since I'm trying to be good, this No Swimming sign is why I didn't go into the deep side today. Darn. Trying to not entice others into potentially dangerous areas. I saw an octopus, so I'm happy.

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