Friday, June 1, 2018

Domo does Paris

 Alex brings Domo along on all our trips. He's a lucky character! Here, he is outside what used to be a fave restaurant in Paris. But this time, they had weirded out their menu enough that we passed.
 Domo visits Notre Dame.
 Domo helps us choose beer in the Monop.

Tour D'argent is outside our comfort zone (too expensive), but that didn't stop Domo from having his photo taken outside.
 And of course, Domo went with us on the Metro.

Luckily, he was ok with sharing beer with Alex.
 So we shared the umbrella with him.

And of course he enjoyed Creme Brulee with Alex.
 He went with us on our Coulee Vert walks.
 And went over the bridges on the Seine too.
 These elevators were bigger than the ones in Italy.
No swimming in the beer! We enjoy Domo. He is not very expensive and keeps quiet, with no complaining. An excellent traveling companion.

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