Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A very quick swim

Well, since I forgot both my dive gloves AND my watch, not sure exactly how long the swim was today. But, I do know that I saw an octopus! 

There was threatened guardrail construction on the one road between the sea and my home. I didn't want to again get stuck in it, so I got in the water, saw that octopus and got out! It worked too, as the lady who is our new landlady called regarding our move-in....I would have missed that important call, had I been swimming. It's all good!

This octopus is I think the same one I saw last week...near a sponge which hangs out below a coral head. Good locator, eh?

I also saw a Pinktail Durgon and a surprise background fish: the Peacock Grouper. I was so focused on the Durgon that I didn't even notice the grouper until I got home. Such are the vagaries of swimming and taking underwater pictures. Short but sweet.

I thanked God for the octopus sighting and also for the lack of construction traffic. Now, off to pack...

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