Saturday, February 10, 2018

No octopus in the kiddie pond?!

I was very surprised to finish my entire 3 hour swim with seeing 5 octopuses, but all in the deep pond! 
But first, the view from where we live. Look closely: you'll see the waterfalls!
 Three seals snoozing today. Very companionable and the volunteers had them roped off; people were behaving, too!
 Ambon puffer. Some of these are looking diseased these days, so this one was a nice change. Not sure what is irritating their skins...

Male Trunk Fish was fine. Here's a face for once. Normally, I only get the tail.
 Christmas Wrasse harassing a snowflake moray eel.
 Female Trunk Fish.
 This was octopus #5....deeply ensconced in its den. I didn't seem to bother it never turned that angry maroon red color, as they do sometimes.

See? quite relaxed.
 The red and white fish below is the juvenile of the Yellow Tail Coris. Other than the shape, actually, nothing is much like the adult.

Leaf Fish in the usual spot. It didn't show me much of itself.
 Neither did the urchin, below. Look at all those rocks and detritus it picked up for protection. You can hardly see the animal itself!
 And the needlefish. Love these guys.
You can see the pattern of the Snowflake Moray below.
 And another shot of the hills with water falls. What you can't see is the housing just below the trees.  My camera rocks! and so does its software.
Thanks for reading! May God bless you as He has me and my family.

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