Friday, December 15, 2017

You never know...I laughed out loud!

I have always thought that it would be funny if I took a photo of something and an octopus was also in the shot, as a surprise.

Well that happened with this photo, but in this case, it was a surprise flounder!

Alex and I love flounders. And so when I got this photo home, I was about to crop around the Ambon Puffer, another of my fave fishes.  And I looked to the right and saw the flounder! What a great surprise!

I needed a surprise today. I discovered that my pal, Perry in California, had passed away this morning from bone cancer. I'm sure it struck me harder since I found out this week that I have breast cancer (a very treatable one, I'm told!), but even though we had been expecting this news since he was on hospice care, it was such a shock to have happened that I burst into tears at my friend's house. He was a believer, so I'm sure he's in the arms of Jesus, but it was still sad, that I can't talk with him again in this life. I was thankful that I had called and caught him on the phone a few weeks ago...I didn't want to go to California to see him, as I selfishly wanted to remember him with his great smile and loads of energy.  I don't regret that decision, but I am sad that he was taken from us. I'll bet he's telling Jesus a joke right now! :) He was an inspirational person, who loved the Lord. 

To the left, 3 Rock Mover wrasse.  Mouth open.
 Three seals on the beach. So cute.

Ambon puffer.
 Bluefin Trevally.
Two Bluespined Unicorn fish.

Bright eye Chromis
 Drupe shell. It's the pinkish/purplish bumpy shell....
 An empty shell.
 An octopus! look between the colored rocks.... :)
 And then Octopus #5..the smallest! 
 Peeking at me.
This is the "jewel" i found today....a hair clip! Tell me: how does that fall out of your hair and you don't notice?! Oh and update: I found out the "diamond" that I recently found wasn't....oh well.  In any case, it was a found item and so no loss.
 Nice hawkfish...suntanning.

Octopus and Christmas wrasse. This octopus sucked down into this rock when the seal swam by.
 Another octopus! I feel blessed by 5 today..just to the left of the white rock. bumpy.
 Siphon of the one hidden in the den near the beach entry...

 I would be itchy too if I had sand all over me!
 Leaf Fish.
 Cleaning station.  These convict tangs had issues...

Peacock grouper. This fish usually hides in the reef...

 The Porcupine Puffer. Tried to get a cool photo of his eyes...they are kinda spooky and green.
 The Rock Mover wrasses always seem to be standing on their tails.

 Mr. Seal looked at me as he swam by....
And didn't stop. Thank God! We are not supposed to interact with them, so I just let them glide by. And if you think you're a good swimmer, think again! After he glided by, the other swimmers in the area that saw him popped up and said: "Intimidating!" Yup! They swim for work, so they are looking chubby, but they are incredibly athletic.
 Cozying up. On the beach.

Sadly, this shell was inhabited by a crab....So I left it on the ocean floor. Pretty.
 Spanish Dancer was pretty too.
 Trunk Fish and wrasse.

 This urchin was holding onto shells and other stuff for protection.
 Yellow Phase Cigar Wrasse.

The juvenile of the adult Yellow Tail Coris, which is featured below the red/white photo.

Isn't God amazing? He gives us so much to see, experience and think about. I am def thankful for five octopuses in one day! 

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