Sunday, December 24, 2017

That rock isn't!

A few days ago, I saw what I thought was an octopus, but it turned out to be a rock in between two pieces of big rock. So today, when I saw this guy from the surface, I thought I was being fooled again. Well, I was, but not in the way I imagined! The "rock" turned out in fact to be an octopus. YAY. The first of EIGHT. Yeah, you heard correctly. Eight octopuses were hiding from me, but I saw 'em anyway.

The first octopus of the day. Not an adult, but not a baby either.
 This one, I think it was #3, was adhered to a rock.

I noticed today that many of the small octopuses were hiding in their dens behind rocks. As this one was.  But I saw him anyway. I am octo-snoopy that way. 
 The one above was out near the "Don't go beyond this sign" sign. Didn't move a hair the whole time I was taking the photo.

This one popped up to see if I was gone. Why are they so suspicious? (Well, maybe because some people who shall remain nameless actually eat these great creatures! Can you believe?!)
 Another one hiding. Note the eye above is differently colored than the one below.

Below, the last one.  Kept pretty still too. With rocks available for hiding behind.

Look closely below: you can just see the white, circular siphon behind the rocks. This octopus saw me each time I peeked into its den and pulled back every time.
Check the shell on the left (maybe a mitre shell) below with the green crab legs. It is attacking the nearby shell, but eventually moved away. Perhaps I did a good deed...

Three cone shells. I rarely see this many this close together:
 I always bypass the Convict Tangs. Perhaps because they are so plentiful? Not rare-ish, like the octopus.
 Cowry shell hidden under a coral overhang.

Here's the crab from the shell above...closer up. The two stalks are the eyes.
 This is the pattern that the sun makes on the sandy bottom.

Peacock flounder with a bit of rainbow.
 Bluefin Trevally following the goat fish. This would irritate me a lot, but the goat doesn't appear to mind. (Kinda like someone leaning over your shoulder to watch you work..)
 Hebrew Cone

3 Indopacific Damsel Fish

 Juliana's sea hare. Not pretty colors, but an interesting body. Not sure what all of it does...but I do know it inches along slowly on the bottom. 

Money Cowry shell
 Some of the needlefish got low enough for me to catch a photo. Normally, they hang near the surface and so are tough for me to get a shot.

Is this the same nudibranch from the past two days? Different colors, but...Kinda the same colors as the cheese on our recent pizza. HA.
 Another nice shell. Also occupied by a crab. Darn it.

 Pinktail Durgon with its Indopacific Damsel companions.
 Box Fish for Alex. As is the Flounder below.

Pinktail with rainbows....Light is pretty fascinating....
 Saddleback Butterfly. This one was accompanied by another, but not close enough to get into the same shot.

Mr. Snowflake moray eel. Just sitting. In a hole. Hope he didn't oust an octopus to get that!
 Crab inside a really nice Turban shell that I would have taken home, but didn't. 
 This is a turban shell, too, but with anemone, I think, adhered to its shell.
 Urchin and a little shell, below and to the right.
Eight octopuses is a Kauai record! Thankful to God for safety and all those great sightings. Have a great Christmas!

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