Saturday, December 16, 2017

Birthday Octopuses

You won't be surprised to hear that four of my birthday "presents" were octopuses!

I saw four octopuses, but all of them were small and hiding well. The one just above this caption was peeking at me. Above that, look for the tiny white siphon in the den/hole. The one above that was wicked good at hiding. I saw more in the split second before I got the camera going. If you have the time, you can sometimes wait until they get curious to see if you're gone and catch a photo when they poke their heads out again. But sometimes, you're waiting in vain. (Also a good song by Bob Marley, if you want a peppy song.)
The two seals looked as if they were coming in, but not sure if they ever did. They did play in the water though. I paused for a few, just to be sure I wouldn't be putting myself in their path when I got in.
 Two Rock Mover had been bitten, but was still quick. I would imagine that it will die of its wounds, but have no way of being sure of that.

Goat fish and an Abudefduf. There are a lot of goats around nowadays.
 One of the eels I can't i.d. yet...
 And our fine dining establishment for breakfast. On my birthday, Alex let's me have what I want! (Hey, it's not fine dining, but it's quick, good and open at 6 a.m.)

This almost looked like a lenticular cloud. If you don't know them, look 'em up. Very cool clouds. 
Buzz Lightyear had definitely seen better days.  I saw the stand under his feet first and thought: What the heck is that?!

Christmas Wrasse.
 Eels...the one above accompanied by a Bluefin Trevally. The one below, I've gotta look up!
 Below, the white mouth moray.

Nice little female Trunk Fish over sand, so you can see her shadow..
 Surprise Flounder. Note the eyes. Camouflaged, of course.

Biggish Peacock Grouper flew across the bottom.
 Leaf Fish hanging on and looking down.

Cute lizard fish. Maybe 3 inches long all told.
 Male Trunk Fish. Love the colors and patterns.

I think this is a Dragon Moray! If it is, It's the first one I've ever seen. Yes, I will look it up, but this birthday business keeps me very busy. 

 Needle Fish

Spanish Dancer .. a bigger one, so not the same one I saw earlier this week.
 Mr. Urchin has himself loaded down: coral, seaweed, rocks.

Scadzillion goat fish.

Seal sleeping on the island..
 Snowflake Moray Eel.
I saw this Spotfin Scorpion Fish early on in the dive. He's at the end because of the alphabet. 

I was startled to see this Urchin loaded down with a Bubble Shell! I didn't want to grab it and see if it was empty...The urchin found it first, after all. Possession being 9/10ths of the law, don't you know...
One of the nice wrasses I've been noticing more lately. Great colors and design. Maybe a banded wrasse....
 Yellow Tail Coris juvenile.
So no spectacular octopuses hunting or flying or anything, but a very enjoyable swim. And if you can believe, I stress until I find the first octopus! Oh how stupid is that?! God is good.

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