Monday, August 21, 2017

Sometimes while strolling

Sometimes while strolling, we see beautiful flowers. Well, you're thinking, of course! It's HAWAII! Yes, it is...
The pretty flower below is on a neighbor's plant.
Palms, clouds and the moon!

A resting turtle. You can see the signs they put up to protect 'em.

Signs for V39 also. And his pal.

 I don't think I could sleep with sand on my face like that!
You have to look carefully, but there was a 3rd seal out on the island...also snoozing.

 "You ok?"

Oddly shaped cloud. 
 Palm trees and pink clouds.

Turns out this cat is also a gymnast.
 More pink.
This huge tree is in our apartment complex. There is so much going on with this tree that it sometimes makes me think I can't catch it all with my camera.  So I'm taking partial shots. Also, cars and housing below it in the shot, so I wanted to miss those...

There are so many birds that live in here! It's wonderful how different light can make a very different shot. Just a lovely walk in Hawaii! Well, Kauai.

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