Sunday, August 20, 2017

Seven amazing finds

I saw so many cool things yesterday, that I couldn't even find the energy to write the post! So it's Sunday and here I go:
Most amazing in terms of rarity was the Bat Ray:
I did upload a movie to youtube: look for octopigirl7
Nice photo, finally!, of the White Cheeked Tang. They are just so pretty.

My old pal, the Abudefduf

And the male Box Fish

Small Trevally that showed me the eel (at the bottom of the shot)

"What are you doing here?!"

Rainbow nose a.k.a. Pinktail Durgon

Lookin' at me, lookin' at me...

Red Pencil Urchins

Saddle wrasse and a small Snowflake Moray. I probably saw about 6 eels, of differing types.

And the octopus!

 If you click on the photo, you can see the eye.

And then his skin changed to smooth and darkened, when he wished I would go away.
 And later, his skin turned bumpy again and regularly colored.

Mr. Flounder! I usually get the idea for a movie once they stop moving....drat.
See the Barracuda? Look for the black on the tail, center of the photo.
You can see it a bit better here. Without the black on the tail, I might have missed it altogether.

Palms, clouds and a splash

Nice shell, in good shape, which meant I had to leave it behind. 
Couldn't tell if someone was living in it.

Urchin with all its protective stones.
 One of several Rock Mover Wrasses.  These fish can pick up such a big rock, it's amazing.

Hermit electric blue crab inside a Turban Shell. This could be the way I get to collect operculum...after the crab kicks out the original owner!

 One of 2 leaf fishes..
 Yellow Tail Coris adult. And below, the juvenile.
Leaf Fish #2. I do love how they rest on the surrounding sides of rocks and coral.
Zebra Moray. Just the was long enough to come out of both sides of this rock.

 Pretty flowers on the walk.

Nice plumeria

Oops. Forgot some cool animals:
Brighteye Damsel Fish. Darting around. I must have seen at least 50 of these and all were too fast!

This is the eel hidden about a foot and a half from the octopus!

Last but not least, the Devil Scorpion Fish. He didn't like me.

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