Sunday, August 27, 2017

No wonder he wanted to sit down!

So today, in addition to wonderful snorkeling, I was able to attend the Kauai Fair with my sweetheart and good friend. Turns out there were also animals, including a big cow...who looked somewhat tired, but was probably just enervated from the heat:
He was so big, I couldn't even crop the photo! (Maybe it's a that I think about it.) Anyway, there were all the normal fair animals:

Little lamb who made thee? I tell you, if this animal looked at me like that, I could never use it for dinner...

I'm thinking it's a goat. But remember, not a farm girl!
 Piggie. Snoozing. Looks kinda like it's in jail.
I gotta say, I wasn't raised on a farm, and it would be REALLY hard to eat any of these animals, had I been living with them. Yeah, I'm a softie. There was a petting area too, but they charged you 2 extra dollars! So we just looked. And as I'm typing that, I'm thinking: If I'm allergic to dogs and cats, wonder how I'd do in a petting zoo??!!
 I had to crop out the little girl's face, but I felt kinda sorry for the duck! She was grabbing it kinda hard, but it wasn't squawking, so I guess it was all good. Little girl looked like she really wanted to take it home...

There wasn't a wagging pig tail in the whole place, but this little snoozer was sure cute. I wonder if it is an Old Spot?
Many folks are not familiar with the Rabids cartoon, but here is the stuffed animal.  If you haven't seen the cartoon, go on youtube and look it up. I think it's French, but there's no dialog, so that won't matter.  It's so odd that it's funny...

The Ferris Wheel on which we didn't go...long story.
 This one I call Cilantro and Corn Dog.....we HAD to have a corn dog. After all, it was a fair.  And my sweetheart was not only wearing his ZOMBIES LOVE BRAINS...EVEN SMALL ONES LIKE YOURS (ha) t-shirt, but he was helping hold my new Cilantro plants. Only 50 cents each. What a deal! Corn Dogs were good too.  Good thing we don't go to fairs very often. And good thing he was wearing his HERE I AM purple shirt. He wears it so I can find him in a crowd. Thanks, Alex!
 Lovely orchids.  Very tempting (and pretty expensive.)

An orchid face...
We had fun.  Perhaps I'll do another post with the watery adventures.  So I'll finish with one from my friend's yard:
Gosh, is that too pretty or what? Click on the photo: it has really amazing structures and colors....Can you imagine trying to create all this diversity? I mean, just all the different flowers blows my mind!

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