Monday, September 5, 2016

High tide first day back

SHHHH!!!  Don't tell my PT lady, but I swam today.  I had been jonesing for a swim, so I went down to Poipu early. 

What you can tell her is that I swam only in the kiddie side of the pond....and saw two octopuses!  yay. 

Here's #1:

You can see the octopus' eye if you look closely. And of course, I was!  So thrilled to get back to seeing my little 8 legged pals.  

Lots of shells, too: cones, drupes, even a punctured miter.  And yes, I had to look it up in the book to know the name.  I knew it was a miter, but not what kind.  Not sure why it's a punctured miter.  But life must have its mysteries...

Nice shell, and quite hard shell, from what the book says..I didn't pick it up, as I figured it was still in use.

And a little humu, probably only about 2 inches, all told:
And this one did what they mostly do, even the bigger size:

They dart into holes, to get away from you. Since they have that retractable spike on the top of their heads, I have been told that they can put up the spike to stay in the hole, even if someone is yanking on their tails to get them out!  Not that I would do that.....  This little fellow was so cute.

And since it was high tide, the two parts of the spit were combatting each other.  I should say, there was no spit!

The spit completely disappeared, so if you wanted to get to the little island, you had to walk across in the water.  Both sides were incoming, so it was hard to keep your footing.  I should say, it appeared to be hard, since I didn't try it....

I did find myself reaching upward to grab and rock and immediately let go.  Some people never learn....

Mr. Turtle was resting on the beach and yes, I had to give a punk photographer the "Give the Turtle the room!" lecture.  I kept repeating it and he finally said: I heard you!  I said: Well, then move away!!!  Some people think getting the shot is more important than the well being of the animal being photographed.  I'll give you that I have occasionally had this battle myself, but I have never made an octopus "ink" because I was too close!!

Palm trees for sweetheart:

I'm a tellin' you, the scenery over here is superb!!!

And clouds galore:

It's hard to take a nap when you're out here, since it's so pretty.  And I had a nice walk with my friend, too.

Oops, almost forgot the 3 spot damsel, guarding his/her coral:

too cute, right?  Such a little fish, but so determined to guard.  Lord knows we have need of coral guards....

I don't know what it is with me and polka dots, but it's something!

It did rain on me while I was swimming.  I had to laugh into my snorkel, because it made everyone leave the beach!  What's a little water, anyway?  You're gonna get wet when you snorkel....

Click on this photo to see the drops.  My Olympus TG2 is the bomb!

And so was the dive. 

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