Sunday, September 11, 2016

Glass Beach

My sweetheart took me to Glass Beach yesterday...road trip!

But earlier this week, we went to see a friend from long ago (Borders!) do her Japanese dance.  A bit camera shy, here she is from the back:
Nice kimono!
There were palm trees: natch

And some of the other ladies:

So pretty with all the kimono and flowers in their hair.  They did a great job.  

And you can hardly tell that there were buildings just below these trees.  I tell ya, the work I have to go thru to hide the telephone wires and buildings!

And here's my sweetheart wearing his Paris hat:

Reminds me of our trips to Paris.  Love those memories.  We will go again, someday! After all, I'm sure cheese consumption has declined since we departed...

The moon made its appearance:
And now on to the Glass Beach:

The glass comes in with the waves and gets battered and smoothed out. I'm guessing that since we were there later in the afternoon, that any bigger pieces would have been picked up already.  Still nice to see it.  And it was a black sand beach.
You can see that this was NOT a snorkeling beach.  At least not right now.  The waves come up directly onto the shore, so it's rather like a washing machine.

There were some really nice clouds:
And a little crab kept trying to get out onto the beach again, but every time it tried, I was there.  Each time I raised my camera to take its picture, it darted back into its hole.  Finally, I figured out to just hold the camera up and await its arrival. 

There it is, dark gray just to the left of the triangular piece of coral.  A quick little guy!

Last night, our nephew had a Taiko performance.  If you haven't seen this, it is an amazing drum routine!  I know my arms would be very tired afterward.  He did great and my arms got tired just trying to hold up that camera for two+ minutes!

There was a pink moon:

Again, I had to work around the phone wires and buildings.  Makes me long for the time when there weren't any.

Congrats to the young blond guy...Great job!

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