Sunday, September 4, 2016

a few flowers and breakfast!

We actually slept past 6 a.m. today.  WOW. a very unusual thing.  Perhaps because we had been in preparedness for a storm or two, we needed the rest.
So that meant that I needed to read my morning devotions and then head out to take photos.  Worth it!

Just outside our need to drive anywhere.

Had to move outside of the telephone wires, but it was worth it, too.

I call this one Creation...have you ever wondered what it was like when God was creating everything?  Almost wish I had been there.  But the Lord only knows what I would have done when presented with a bad apple...

Still trying to get the Banyan they both are....did i mention we have two?!

They are so huge. I can only imagine how many birds and bugs are nestled in there.  And a little blonde girl keeps making the chicken squeak in the morning by wandering around in the roots of the big one.  Perhaps some eggs are stashed in there somewhere.  She is persistent..

Flowers, of course:

As you may know, I'm a huge fan of pink: clouds, flowers, babies' butts...wherever you find pink. But I love these flowers not only because they are beautiful and pink, but also complicated.  And that one can have a fresh new one right next to an old one and a bud of one upcoming.  That's 

Morning sun cutting across the bottom of the Banyan.  Found out a friend on Oahu now lives in Banyan something....hope she has these trees!

Oh how wonderful.  How marvelous!

So hubby found a great new breakfast place for us.  Can you believe we could have had Prime Rib moko?!  We decided against it, because it would have necessitated us taking an immediate nap upon returning to our place.  So we had a great corned beef egg combo, which was great.   and the scenery was great too:

I am unaccustomed to having the clouds be lower than the mountains. But it was lovely.  SO glad the storms passed us by.  We were ready but thankful not to have to deal with power outages, short tempers and neighbors who can't take showers for days.  Yeah, the thing you don't think about until you've lived through storms..

And in the Do you know and do you care category:

Did you know that in moist climes, we put rice in the salt shaker, so the salt doesn't clump up?

And since the message today at church was about the fact that Jesus was a Jew, some flowery jews for you:

Lovely.  And have a great week.

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