Thursday, September 8, 2016

A few flowers along the way

I get a little carried away with roses..This one had pink too, so I was a goner.

I did preserve the privacy of those homeowners along my path: If the flowers were inside their yard, I didn't take a photo.  Sad, too, because there were some really pretty orchids I could see from the sidewalk, but I didn't venture into the yard. 

As I walked I was reminded that in France they have cities that have numbers for rating how pretty the town's flowers are. Perhaps we should start that on Kauai, too.

I do love how delicate these white flowers were.  In the last one, you can imagine the petals coated with a fine sugar...

Nice colors.  I enjoyed how "busy" the flowers were, too: there were buds just waiting to take over when some of these flowers got tired...

At first glance, these seemed to be raspberries.  Still not sure.  But I did enjoy the little pink puffball..the ends of each strand had a tiny whitish ball.  Seeds?

These red and white flowers were crazy cool.  If you have time, click on the photo to see all that's going on.

We saw some flowers similar to these while in France.  I think there is so much going on in this flower that I could spend some serious time examining them. The yellow flowers radiate out from the pink middle.  And yet on the same stalk, some flowers that were solely pink.  Creative, non? Our God is an awesome God..and it did also make me wonder if these flowers were a human construct. Rather, if someone put one flower together with another, growing another kind altogether.  I will have to do some research to see if I can at least find out the name of these beauties!

They seem so delicate, don't they?

There were a limited number of orchids that I could take pix of from the sidewalk:

Another "sugary" flower.  The petals seem to almost be coated in fine sparkly sugar. But in truth, if there were sugar on them, they'd be covered with ants, no doubt, so the reality wouldn't be as nice as the thought was in my mind.

I thought the orangey ball was the fruit.  But I was wrong:

The orange part was only a cover on the fruit. Surprise, surprise.  And no, I didn't try to eat one. It may just be a seed.  As I typed that, I thought JUST a seed?  How amazing is a seed anyway: it carries the continuation of the flower.  All wrapped up in a little ball.  How incredible is that?

So my exercise which started out to be a mission of mercy to deliver some homemade scones to the folks that are helping me find a job ended up peppered with lovely flowers along the way.  What a treat.  And though the clouds were somewhat threatening, 
it didn't rain on me at all. Just another thing to be thankful for.

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