Sunday, August 27, 2023

I am afraid the Perseid Meteor Shower might be almost over...say it ain't so!

 I haven't had pix of the exciting meteor views I have seen (they are too fast), but I have surely enjoyed seeing them. But at 629 views, my count has gone from 8/20 count of 62 meteors to 11 this morning. I'm seeing a possible trend, although the internet info I have gathered said it would be over a week ago, and I'm still seeing some meteors at least. What a joy it has been. Luckily, there are, God willing, some more meteor showers scheduled, so I won't be crying for the lack of that excitement. I think my church chums will be glad of a break. They think the idea of getting up at 1:30 a.m. is a horrible idea. They are not yet converts to the meteoric coolness. (find ichi tanaka on youtube if you need your own conversion.)

So, on to earthly pictures:

Even though it's Kauai, I have to put on socks and a hoodie to view stars and meteors: the socks so the mosquitoes won't bite me, and the hoodie to block out light from the 2 streetlights near our house. (Oh what a joy when the power goes out! No streetlights to outshine the sky. Of course, it also means no fans and our neighborhood hosts warm temps.)

Morning pink

The neighboring isle of Niihau

Nice clouds

The smaller isle is Lehua.

God's rays
I dropped a note today to thank the gardeners who have such great orchid skills.

And one to the person who grows the lovely roses, also.

I had to make the photo really big so you could spot the lizard.

She is awaiting excitement. Which usually means a cat, a chicken or me!

I bought her this cushion that squeaks. Sadly, it is fabric, which I hadn't considered. It squeaks, but also gets really dirty. She doesn't seem to mind.

You can hear her thinking: where is my treat ?!

My little cactus had a nice flower. Which lasted only 1 full day.

These fuzzy leaves have been falling off. No idea why.
Here's the same flower, on its way out.

Waimea river.
My star gazing getup. The scarf keeps bugs off my neck. There are just a few, but they do irritate me!
Sitting on my foot to keep me anchored near her.
Was that a chicken??

Here is one of the horses I see on my walks. I have permission to feed carrots to the 4 horses on the way to the post office, but I have never seen the owner of this one.

I love how the light comes through the valley and through the clouds.

OK, enough of the clouds.

Well, maybe just a few more..

Heron waiting for breakfast.

All these mangoes will go to waste, unless someone has a really long mango picker. Sad.


Fruit from the Bitter Melon plant.
Sorry for the language, but I understand his concern: people drive waaaay too fast on our small road.

Nice morning colors in the clouds.

Darned power lines on God's rays.
Roses are my faves.

I got a free chaise longue from is much easier to star gaze while resting on my back.

No rain, no rainbows! And God's promise. 
Have a great week. Please pray for those pushed out of their homes by the fires on Maui. Most don't have those homes anymore. Thank you.

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