Monday, August 21, 2023

Apparently e-bikes are not for me!

We had a holiday recently and decided to try out e-bikes. For my hubby, victory! For me, not so much.

After I fell, we tried to figure out when I had last used even a regular bike, but I couldn't remember. Luckily, I fell on grassy ground. And wasn't injured. Just a few bruises. But the praise part is that at least 4 people stopped their cars to ask if I were ok. That was really nice. Luckily, I was able to motor on afterwards. Well, able to walk on! So now we know. Glad that my husband was able to bike and enjoy it. There will probably be an e-bike in his future.

I probably won't become a boat owner either...especially this one, which was cute, but way too small.

Some Moorhens I discovered on my walk. 

I do love palm trees and pink clouds.

She was investigating a bug.
And Kaipo was lonely. The leash doesn't allow the Boxer to get close to Kaipo. They get too excited and cause barking in the neighborhood.

The Moorhens going for a swim.

The Black Crowned Night Herons were awaiting fish in the water. The one above on the concrete flew over when I walked by. Apparently they are not as calm as the Moorhens.

So a pretty mellow week. I am praying for those undergoing weather events, which seem much more prevalent these days. We are still in Hurricane Season here in Hawaii, so the prayers extend to not having a storm that bothers Hawaii. 
As we hear more about the fire disaster on Maui, it becomes more evident that they will need extended assistance. I pray they get what they need.

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