Sunday, August 6, 2023

Boxer threat averted so far

After my walk the other day, I went by to see my pal and his dog, the Boxer!

I was met with a sad tale: the boxer had run through her electric fence to see a small puppy, being walked by 2 young boys.

This Boxer is so energetic and strong, that her idea of "play" is somewhat different that the idea of others. The owner was unable to recall her and had to ask a neighbor to retrieve her. He is thinking that since he often can't control her, he might need to give her away. This because his son works during the day, so he can't step in. 

Thankfully, they are considering other options. I sure would miss this dog if she were given away!

God's rays

These flowers are so pretty! and they were gone the next day. Hanging limply like the one on bottom left.

Moon behind and near clouds.

Moon above pink clouds

Annato flower and buds.
If you know what the green orb fruit is, please advise.

This was a squeaky toy I found at Big Save. The Boxer loved it and got it dirty immediately.
Palm trees and Moon
To me, these look like Cactus fruit. But I could be wrong.
Crown of Thorns flowers. I don't see them very often on Kauai.

Some people have skills with growing roses.

Woofie Cushion getting dirty.

Find the Moorhen. I heard it before I spotted it.

Niihau and Lehua islands

I rarely see the sign say OPEN, so I strolled a bit down the road.

A little flower opening on top of the plant.

The cute Boxer tail.

Since escaping her imposed boundary, she is now kept on a leash tied to a rock. Chaperoned, though. She is not left alone in the sun. 

Always on the alert for happenings in the neighborhood.

Resting between episodes of chickens encroaching and neighborhood unknown dogs.

Sometimes even a lizard is enough to catch her attention.
Love the forehead wrinkles.

I guess we know how the window got messed up....

Never far from the treat bag. A cute French bulldog in the neighborhood didn't know, apparently, what a treat was! He licked and licked the treat. He figured it out when I threw the treat into his yard. His owner gave permission.

I tried to catch a photo of her licking my bare knee, but each time I brought out my camera, she thought it was a treat and lost her focus.

Regardless of what happens with this beautiful and energetic dog, I am happy for the time I have had to share with her!

By the way: my new count of meteors seen is now 350! And I did get to see the International Space Station again!

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