Sunday, May 7, 2023

We had a dog...for about 2 hours!

 Today, as I was sitting in our living room, I noted a bull terrier wander by the slider. Curious, I looked out to see where/who the dog was. She was out of sight for a minute, but then I noticed her near the neighbor's car. 

I went back into the house and came out again with a water bowl. The poor girl was not only bedraggled, but limping on her left back leg. Sad! She was still sweet, though. As soon as I put the bowl down, she immediately drank. And drank. Then it occurred to me that being in the condition she was, she might be hungry. I don't have a regular dog, so all I had was the treats I feed my Boxer pal.

She immediately scarfed those up. I felt bad for her. But as sad as her condition was, she was still friendly and didn't bark at this stranger talking to her. In addition to her bum leg, I think she might also have been blind in one eye. We aren't allowed pets under our lease, so I visited the neighbor across the street. She didn't know who the dog belonged to, either. I laughed when I saw that the little dog had somehow gotten up on her picnic table, and promptly fell asleep.

So I called the Kauai Humane Society. She got on Facebook. Guess which got results?! The Facebook user/owner pulled up in his pick up truck, picked up the dog and put her in his truck bed. I do hope they give the dog some vet attention. Her injuries appeared sort of serious.

So we had a dog for about 2 hours. Maybe someday we'll be able to have a dog, although my husband and I are both allergic. Is a poodle my cup of tea?

I love the clouds over the ocean.

Well, to tell the truth,  I love most clouds.

God's rays

Empty egg
This cat loves to sit on the roof.
Tired after the 90 mph run.

She loves to rip apart (and chase) coconut shells.
Mr. Lizard

She also loves to sleep leaning her head on my foot. Perhaps to keep me there.

Some trees have mangoes already. Where are ours?!
Lizards on a tire. A Tesla tire. ha

More sleeping on my foot.

I put a scarf over my hair to keep the English muffins I was making hairless.

You can see how crazy my hair is when I just get up.

Niihau in the background

Cactus flower

Moon and clouds


Worth getting up for.

Some fools felt it was ok to drink shots from plastic shotglasses and then leave 'em on the highway. Bad, bad people! (And yes, I picked them up.)

They were plastic.

Nene on the wing.


The longest part

Chaka tired!

Who knew empty coconut shells could be fun?

She doesn't swallow the coconut threads, as far as we know.

Watch out! It's a game: she lets you think you can pick up the shell, but then grabs it at the last minute.

This Frenchie gave me what for.
More attempts to keep me anchored.
Love your dogs, if you are lucky enough to have some!
And thanks for reading.

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