Sunday, May 21, 2023

Bob was back

 I m very excited to report that 4 Bitter Melon seeds have sprouted into a small forest in my pot. I actually had to transfer it to a bigger pot, so as not to make it feel squashed. The folks at my church had differing opinions on whether this melon is horrible tasting or good. I have never tried it, so I'm looking forward to a new taste experience.

Stephanotis, I think. I didn't even notice the plant, until I smelled the wonderful fragrance.

Dragonflies...yes, one was attached to another!

Ms. Boxer likes to ensure that she misses no crumbs from her big biscuit.
And takes her nap on my foot, so I can't leave. It is nice to be wanted.

Bitter Melon has grown even more than this photo!

God's rays and palm tree.
She had just completed her 90 mph run and was tired...
This cute little furball was a foster for a few days. But apparently the hair requires de-tangling. Not his fave.

The Boxer was somewhat jealous at first, but really just wanted to play. Unfortunately, one Boxer paw could smash the little girl.

Rainbows - Always welcome.

Clouds still amaze me.

As do rainbows, especially at sea.

I couldn't see well enough to tell the type of bird.


How could one ever discipline such a cute face. Her bark, though rare, is very cute too.

Boxer checking on furball.

I used to see these a lot on Oahu.

"Really? No more treats?"

Nice palms with the bonus of great clouds.

And rainbows


The pink of the cloud didn't really translate, but I like the muted pinks, blues and grays.
Sad end to a dragonfly. 

Mr. Lizard in his "cage" on the jalousie.

You can see a bit of the drool on the pavement. She really likes those treats.

The shoots happen on the edge of the leaves.

Bob returns! He had eschewed his usual rock. I only spotted him because I was walking.

Soursop fruit. No idea what it tastes like.

That's all for this week. I am sorry to say that we are experiencing heat already. And it's not even June yet!
 Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful week.

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