Sunday, April 23, 2023

Normal walking pix

A slightly moved Moon.

Roses in a neighbor's yard.
This Beagle put up a ruckus!

I could not think up the coolness of clouds and their designs!

I have seen plenty of these flowers, but until recently, never noted the green fruit.

Cactus and their flowers

The latest puzzle: succulents.
Clouds and rain in the distance.

I made Creme Brulee for my sweetie's 62nd birthday. Yum.

Watching me leave. We have to put the leash on her, so she doesn't run after me.

In play mode.

Then tuckered out.

Will there be any more treats today?!!!

She always folds her leg like this when lying down.

More pretty pink roses

My sweetie's new hardhat: a cowboy hat!
The backyard has snails. The not pretty non-marine ones.

We named this Brown Booby BOB.

Sound asleep...until the treat bag shakes!

Two Saffron Finches....they moved 3 times before I finally got this mediocre shot!

Tow-in Surfer!! Jetski pulls the surfer until he's ready to surf on his own....this guy had a foil on his board (like a fin on the bottom that holds them above the water).

Cloud rainbow!!!

Oregano and below, Oregano flowers

Rollers to watch on my walk on base.

I love these towering plants. Eventually most get heavy and fall over.

A group of 7 Nene geese! Nice to see them. Sadly, sometimes they stand in the road. If someone is driving the speed limit, they can be hit. Bummer. State bird of Hawaii.
Have a great week.

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