Monday, April 3, 2023

Water stopped my camera

 Sadly, my 2nd camera stopped working recently. I had 2 cameras, taking both with me in the water. One was ok with my recent snorkel, but the 2nd had water intrusion. Bummer. The Olympus TG-4 was a great camera, right up until it wasn't. The strange thing is that the 2nd camera was fine. Who knows what happened. There are 4 little tabs to close to avoid water intrusion. Perhaps the age of the camera had some effect.

Unfortunately, apparently, it is not reparable. Not a small price tag camera, but I got good use out of it. Years of use! Years of tough use. So I am limping along on the other camera.

Cleaning up the remains of the big snack bone we give her.

Awaiting the fun. Her tongue hanging out because we had recently done a throw and fetch session. She did her 90 mph.

What a lovely Boxer dog. And what they say is true: she will probably never stop being a puppy.

Sun peeking out from the rain clouds.
Yellow Plumeria. Below, White with yellow. And pink.

Watching what's going on in the street. Ready to scare cats and chickens.

A red cardinal in the graveyard. A Where's Waldo moment.
More in the "bedhead" series. Lovely!
A nice pottery doll on someone's grave.
Again with the flowers I cannot name. Hey, I'm busy jigsaw puzzling, reading and, newest endeavor, knitting a receiving blanket for my lovely niece in Maryland. Praying for safe delivery and healthy baby girl.
Oh, yeah. We were going to get more rain. Thankfully, I was finally able to catch a gap in the clouds and complete my laundry yesterday. I normally do not work on Sunday, but these were exigent circumstances. That pile was really growing.

Just a bit of pretty pink.
Another flower to research. Oh the work never ends.
This flower I know: the pink rose!

She needs to be leashed: if she isn't, sometimes she will run after me when I go home for breakfast.

Moon and Jupiter, I think. And a streetlight.


So hard to get the telephone lines out of the picture. But there is a palm tree, so all is not lost.

Sun breaking through.

I thought this tree was quite interesting, being divided in half...

Wonderful clouds.

She has selective hearing, only responding to a whistle, not a name call.
She likes to lick the accumulated water from the upturned plastic crate.  There's no explaining her!

She likes to watch her favorite yucky sock tied up. She remains ready to grab it before I can get down there.
Guarding the box o' treats.

Wow clouds and palm trees. Glad for the respite from the rain. Have a great week. Thanks for reading.

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