Sunday, December 4, 2022


 Not just because of a recent Thanksgiving, I have been noticing God's wonderful provision: financial blessings, pups, rain, clouds. What more could a girl need?

Maybe rainbows!

And here are some of the clouds.

I walk through the Hawaiian Cemetery sometimes. Doesn't this look like a Haku lei?
Plumeria coming to life.

The Moon and Jupiter
This Frenchie had sand in his face wrinkles.
Our tree

Our tree with flash

Moon and streetlight. The larger is Moon.

We have an Eiffel Tower ornament. Bien sur!
Manger scene
Beautiful new Octo-ornament from my sweetheart.
A cool fairy ornament from my cousin.
Another octo-ornament. Once you get started...

This Lab was taking his owner for a walk...yes, this was a strong dog.

Moon and streetlight and below, another moon and jupiter.

This is Candy's Mom. She was barkier than Candy. 
The cloud in the middle reminded me of a jellyfish.
A turtle hauled up on Poipu beach.
God's rays
Candy was anxious to get out to play. But I don't have that power.

I also got to see Stella, the very pretty brindle Boxer. She was energetic, too, wanting to play bow. That dog is all muscle. The owner lets me give her treats.
And for any readers who don't know, we are not, so far, impacted by the recent volcanic activity! A friend in France was worried about this, so I thought I'd let you know, if you don't already, that we have no active volcanoes on this island (Kauai) and yes, I am very thankful! Have a great week.

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