Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Mouse no longer in house

We had a mouse in our house! I am sorry to report that I actually screamed when I saw it: first at the front door, with just its little nose peeking out from behind the tiered table. Then later, the sucker ran from the wall near the kitchen to the wall near the front of the house. Needless to say, I was underwhelmed with this development. I hope there is just the one; but with our pest supplies placed and my very nice landlord, thankfully the little guy is no more. I am praying we have no more mice invading our house. 
Is Candy the cutest puppy ever? The way she looks up at me, like "What fun will we be having today?" She had the zoomies last time I saw  her. I had no clue that she could be that fast.
I had the vision that the Cattle Egrets were on the baseball field, ready to catch  all the baseballs.
A hole in the sky. Hadn't seen one for a while. This one was the biggest ever, I think.
People getting into the Christmas Spirit.  We have our tree up, but I think the photos I took were on my phone, not my camera. I will remedy that soon.

Lovely rose

Candy and her friend. The other dog is somewhat barky; Candy isn't. Just another reason to love her.
Dripping milk after sipping some.

She goes right to her back, asking for a tummy rub. Which I give her. The steel is my walking shower curtain rod. After a loose dog tried to get aggressive, I started carrying it so I could fend off attackers.

After the zoomies...

Who could say no to a cute face like that?

Almost looks like a Corgi.

Niihau and tents
Someone left their hand behind.
Sunrise on the base
Niihau and Lehua
Crown flowers
Nene wondering why I am there.

Two pair of Saffron Finch

I know I have included this sign in my blog before, but it is so important! People really speed through the neighborhoods.
Cattle Egret about as high as he could get without flying.

When the chickens puff up like that, they usually are hiding chicks underneath. This one had just 1 chick.
Someone had to mess with the Captain Cook sign.....

This is an amazing cactus that I wish I had in our yard. Many pink flowers, too.

Back at the base, waves were rolling in. They start to the right and then move down all the way to the left.

You can see sand in the water.

Awesome clouds

This becomes

More Nene. The state bird.
No doubt meeting to discuss how to get this irritating human out of their way.

 If you don't already know him, look up John Pinette on youtube. He was a funny guy and had the slogan "I say Nene!" I smile when I see these birds with the same name.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We did. Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry relish, and pies, 3 kinds! And good conversation with family. Thanks for reading.

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