Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Does 70 sound old?

 Just passed my 70th. I have been surprised by how many people think 70 is really old! (And how willing they are to sound off about how they feel about that age, too.)

And then my cousin sent me a photo of Scrabble with seventy spelled out. It said: Seventy is only 13 points! ha. She brought me back to sanity.

We did have a wonderful dinner at the base: he had prime rib buffet and I had a great pizza. Good times, with sunset views, too.

And the boxer was so excited to see me that she jumped up on me. And then when I drove away, she galloped after my car. That girl! So much for the (fake) electric fence keeping her in the yard.  Her owner said she likes me more than him!

I have totally borked the file names for my photos (since my computer updated), and can't find some of them. Oy vey!

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  1. Dinner was good, happy to be celebrating with my sweetie.