Sunday, September 5, 2021

Fresh breezes

If you had told me 30 years ago that breezes would be so important in my life, I would have laughed.

Yes, I always was the one in the back seat with the window fully down, enjoying the breezes blasting into the car. But with some of my meds, I get hot easier and boy do the breezes make me happy! We have had our trade winds back recently and they are truly a blessing.

But on to the flowers...still no octopuses! I am having a procedure next week (please pray for Thursday) and am waiting for the good word before even thinking of trying to get into the water again.

There is a drink called a Pousse-Cafe: it has layers of alcohols. You place them into the glass carefully, based on which is heavier, then the lighter ones. I have never had one of these, but when I see the layers in the sky like this, I think of that drink.
And I think of a big God when I see clouds and lighting like this!

You can see the bee and pollen in the one on the left, above. And below, that shows you why I call it the helicopter weed. Looks like a helo to me. 

I had never really seen the fuzzy bits on an orchid before.
I loved this poster. Also never seen one before.
A very nice lady offered to give me plants. I thanked her and told her I'd rather see them growing. Not sure yet how handy I am with growing plants.
But I surely do appreciate them.

For my brother, who has hives. (The bee kind...)

I was able to actually pet Ollie. The owners took down the chicken wire at the bottom of the fence. He was pawing at it to get a pat and I worried he would hurt himself.
Star fish plant, with bloom about to burst open.

Lotus blossom

I think these are dragon fruit...and I apparently missed the nice flowers. I only walk by this house once a week, so if the plants get up to something in the interim, I don't catch it. But I was able to catch the flowers on this Hens and Chickens plant!

Lizard for my sweetie.

Bunny sat up.
God is big, isn't he?!
Lilikoi. My pal on Kauai says hers aren't doing as well. Too much water?

I have the Scripture above on my monitor this week.
That Mother of Thousands plant. 

I loved the flags..a total of 4 of them.
Hole in the sky

Someone built a tree out of planks.
God's rays

Bougainvillea is very prevalent here and I don't always capture the shot when I see them. I guess I go for rarity.
Bitter melon fruit above. Usually I see them after the bugs or birds have had their meal, leaving the carcass.
Crown of Thorns. Nice coloration.

Surprised by flowers! This little plant surprised me with flowers in my lanai garden this week. Should have gotten closer: they have a bit of pretty purple in the middle.


Gosh, did I get through a whole week with no doggie pictures!? Sometimes if it is a dog I've photographed before, I don't do it again. As in the Goldendoodle I saw again this week. So energetic! Still a puppy.

Thanks to God for helping the hurricane miss us! We did get some breeze and rain, but nothing like the real thing. I'm praying for those on the coasts who weren't so lucky.

Have a great week!

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