Sunday, September 26, 2021

Deciding a path

It's funny, but since I have 7 routes I can walk, I often have a hard time deciding which one to take. Lately, I've been asking the Holy Spirit for advice. It seems weird to me too. But eventually I get an idea of which route I want to take. I have walked them all so often that I know where the flowers that I like are. And which route has the most barking dogs. Bad dogs!

And good dogs:

This Lab, recently recovered from acl surgery, always carries her frisbee with her. Adorable.
I was able to pat this calm Golden through the fence. His companion was barking her head off.

And of course, no good dog column would be complete without the Sheltie! He runs in circles when a car goes by. I'm still trying to catch that on film.
The Shiba Inu wanted to lie down. The best guess we had was that the sidewalk, being in shade, was cooler. The dog does have a lot of hair!

And needs his nails clipped. It's still a mystery why a dog with this much hair doesn't make me sneeze. A friend thinks it's the dander and not the hair. This dog's dander must be hidden under all that hair!

Double rainbow. In French, it's arc-en-ciel: arch in heaven. Cool, non?
You know I love clouds. Sunrise clouds especially.
And flowers. Other than proximity, these two flowers are not related. 
Crown of Thorns

Every now and then, I can catch the drops on the leaves.

The restaurant where I had lunch yesterday, Tiny Pyramid, gave one of these flowers as an accent on the plate.
One of my current flower faves: love those water droplets!

These orchids are large and lovely. They last quite a while, too.
God's rays
Starfish plant flowers, both open and not.

The pineapples are now down to 4. 
Bromeliad flowers. The water collects in the cup and then flowers ensue.
A recent completed puzzle. I am currently working on English Roses. And I don't mind saying, it is kicking my brain! It will be pretty when completed. I just might preserve it.
More raindrops

Sometimes people put out cute plastic and ceramic animals. This one made me laugh.

A mix of cool cloud types.
Seed pods, both open and shut.

And here's the lovely pink flower that accompanies the pods.

I didn't see the dog, so I didn't have to test my speed. I think Hawaii is an odd choice for an Akita. All that hair must make it really hot!

I found another Magnolia tree. I love these flowers. And so do the bees.
If you have a clue why someone would do the fork thing, please advise!

The Moon is easier to catch with my camera if there are other things nearby.

The bunny. I felt badly: I have carrots in the fridge, but didn't think to bring one.

Holes in the sky

The Lilikoi are still going strong. There must have been 50 of them all along the fence.
Growing out of the hole in the stump.
Berries of unknown origin.
Plumeria. The pink ones don't seem to have the amazing scent that the yellow ones do.
Rain off to the west side.

OK, babe. Here's your lizard! I didn't want to disappoint again...

Rainbow. The odd angle is so I could catch more of it.
God's rays.

I thought the gardener did a good job of display: the tree in the midst of the purple flowers.

Sometimes the rainbow is so big, I have to photograph it in segments.

Magnolia seed pods. A really lovely flowering tree.

Thank you for reading! Stay safe and wear your masks. 

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