Sunday, September 12, 2021

Fleurs and Nuages and oiseaux


They're back! The wonderful Golden Plover, aka Kolea, have returned! Still haven't figured out that being in the street is a bad idea...
Rain at sea and the rainbow.

Saw Polly the Corgi. Once again, she let me pet her and get rid of much of her hair!

Birds of Paradise and the lizard

The rainbow today was way too big to get on my camera. I had to take the pix in thirds.

Black cat for my pal on Kauai.

Lilikoi for pals also on Kauai.

Hard to see, but the middle of this flower was a puddle.

Double rainbow!

Hole in the sky

Ollie came over and pawed me just enough to cover my hand in red dirt! Guess he'd been digging again.


God's rays

Showing off lizard. 

Rhodesian Ridgeback!!
The cactus are growing where the big plant once was...
Star fruit

Lucy has recovered from her acl surgery. She carries the frisbee so she is always ready!

Bunny. And see if you can spot the lizard!

Have a great week. I am awaiting biopsy results. I'll let you know!

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